The Top Free Final Cut Pro X Plugins

September 1st, 2020  |  by amaliehluthra

Final Cut Pro X is an incredible piece of editing software that has a large range of tools within the program to really switch up your footage and allow you to edit your videos to look sleek and cinematic.

But, sometimes these edits can be time consuming and repetitive, meaning it is an inefficient way to spend your time. However, don’t worry! There’s something that can save you from the time eating monotony - these are plugins.

A lot of the time plugins are expensive and you pay a premium for the quality of service they provide you. However, we’ve decided to sift through the different free plugins that actually provide you with value and high quality.

These are easy to use and add on to your Final Cut Pro X account.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a third-party app that plugs into the primary program you are using to enhance the user experience and provide additional tools to improve the software. In terms of Final Cut Pro X, plugins can range from colour grading to transition features.

A lot of the plugins for Final Cut Pro X usually come at a premium, hence why we are looking at the free plugins that provide a premium service for absolutely nothing.

Let’s check out the top free Final Cut Pro X plugins below.

The top free Final Cut Pro X Plugins

Movie Pop

Movie Pop is a great plugin, allowing you to create cinematic title sequences in a matter of minutes. The quality of this is insane and provides you with a smooth, cinematic intro.

You can download your free version of Movie Pop here


Curves is a plugin that will help you nail your transitions. It allows you to have more control over each keyframe. This plugin is extremely handy to help you create custom transitions and allows you to edit the position, rotation and other elements in your transition.

Grab the Curves plugin here.


mLut is one of the best plugins for Final Cut Pro X when it comes to colour grading. The guys at MotionVFX have created a plugin where you can manage your lookup table settings in one place.

A lookup table is where you set the coordinates to get the right colour and adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and colour of your video footage. It can be time-consuming to always set these per clip, by using a lookup table means you can have your preferred looks already set as a preset LUT.

Download mLut here.

Check out our article on how to colour grade in Final Cut Pro X here:  Colour grading in Final Cut Pro X


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