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After Effects Plugins: Optical Flares

4 essential After Effects Plugins for all indie filmmakers

After Effects Plugins are an incredibly useful tool whether you’re new to filmmaking or a filmmaking veteran. With an array of opportunity to improve your film footage from incredible effects to realistic physics, these plugins have it all. These will transform your footage and help make the intricate tweaks to bring your film to life. […]

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Dashboard for doing audio mixing techniques for filmmakers

5 essential audio mixing techniques for filmmakers

Audio mixing is essential for a film to look and sound good. You don’t want additional background noise, or a strange humming noise as your protagonist embarks on the most important journey of their life. In this article, we break down the meaning of audio editing and the 5 best audio mixing techniques for filmmakers […]

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The best Microphones for filmmaking: The essential guide 2020

Audio is integral to film and poor audio can be catastrophic. That’s why finding the best microphones for filmmaking is essential, one that’s cost-effective, high-quality and versatile. To find the right microphone for you, you first must think about what you need it for. What genre movie are you filming? What’s your budget? Are you […]

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The best storyboarding apps of 2020

Storyboarding is where you use images to build a scene-by-scene visualisation of your story. Every project should begin with a storyboard to spot any issues before you film and to see if anything’s missing. A storyboard ensures strong communication and transparency with everyone in your production; your vision isn’t only in your head but down […]

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Our top 5 tips to get the best out of Audacity

Audacity is a popular program for indie filmmakers. It’s one of the best audio editing platforms, plus it’s free! In this blog, we want to help you utilise audacity to its fullest and improve your audio editing game. We will discuss audio levels, pitch, removing unwanted background noise and more. Normalise your audio levels If […]

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Our top 4 filmmaking collaboration apps

In this current period, flexible working is key to succeeding in filmmaking and keeping a steady income, collaborative tools make this process smooth and successful. It’s incredibly important for teams to remain connected while they’re working. We’re used to working side by side, sharing ideas and thinking collaboratively. However, there are a range of great […]

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Five short film creation ideas to get you started

When you begin to brainstorm ideas for a short film, it’s hard to know where to start. What we find that works is to not overthink the process, write down every single initial idea and then build on them. Even if it’s a logline – it’s a start! Here are 5 short film creation ideas […]

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New ways to earn as a filmmaker during quarantine

During this difficult and uncertain time, film and TV production has been stopped for the foreseeable future. This means that filmmakers, directors and producers alike are facing job and income uncertainty. To help you refocus your creativity and craft, here are a few ideas to help you generate extra income during this time. Sell your […]

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Top FREE video editing softwares for Indie Filmmakers

Finding the right editing software can be time-consuming but expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way as there are several free editing platforms; while some aren’t very advanced, there is an abundance of intuitive and high-quality editing software available. These options are great for filmmakers who are new to the business as there’s […]

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