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Black Tripod

What is a hyperlapse and how do you make one?

A hyperlapse is a form of a time-lapse technique that allows the photographer to create motion shots by manually moving the camera between each shot. A hyperlapse is achieved over a much longer distance compared to a standard timelapse by stabilising the camera on a mount or a tripod and capturing complex motion paths. Tips […]

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How to create a killer music brief for your production

An interview with Eddie Grey This week we caught up with Filmstro composer and modern creative Eddie Grey. Eddie uses the traditional lessons of music production and blends them with the madness of modern technology. He is a lover of all things sound and is the Head Composer for shows on A&E, TLC and Oxygen. […]

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Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

5 Premiere Pro Tips for Indie Filmmakers

Editing is difficult and can take a lot of your time, but nonetheless, it’s a highly rewarding and creative process. If you’re editing a short film, animation, feature-length film or your latest YouTube series we’re here to help. From shortcuts to little tricks below, we have 7 essential Premiere Pro Tips to speed up the […]

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lumetri scopes colour corrector

How to give your footage a cinematic feel in Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the main parts of post-production is to polish off the edited footage ready to be distributed. In this article, we will show you how to take your footage and craft it into cinematic brilliance with four simple steps. Colouring the footage Colour grading is how you enhance or alter the colour of your […]

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Detailed Lumetri functions

How to colour grade in Adobe Premiere Pro

Colour grading is the process of improving an image or video’s appearance by altering various attributes (temperature, tint, contrast, white balance and so forth). It’s a hugely important aspect of post production. In fact, within filmmaking as a whole. There are multiple ways to colour grade within Adobe Premiere Pro, so we thought we would […]

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How to remove background noise in Premiere Pro

Want to know how remove background noise from your audio for FREE inside Adobe Premiere Pro? We’ll show you how to remove audio noise in 6 simple steps.

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What filmmakers can learn from the Frozen films

Find out about the three filmmaking elements that have made Frozen and Frozen 2 a success.

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How to sync your audio to your video in Premiere Pro

Want to save hours of frustration by automatically syncing your audio to your video? Check this tutorial out and do it fro free!

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A guide to affordable vintage lenses for filmmaking and videography

Want to get your hands on some cool vintage lenses but don’t know where to start? We’ve got a list of affordable lenses for you.

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