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Top FREE video editing softwares for Indie Filmmakers

Finding the right editing software can be time-consuming but expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way as there are several free editing platforms; while some aren’t very advanced, there is an abundance of intuitive and high-quality editing software available. These options are great for filmmakers who are new to the business as there’s […]

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Essential Software for Indie Filmmakers

When it comes to developing your film, one of the biggest outlays can be the cost of the software and usually, it’s the last thing to consider. Every filmmaker and video producer needs software to complete their projects. We’ve compiled the essential software indie filmmakers should consider at an affordable price. From storyboarding to post-production, […]

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How to set the right audio levels for YouTube

Audio levels are incredibly important when creating content – poor audio levels will ruin your footage no matter how incredible it is. Audio can sometimes be overlooked as you spend most of your time focusing on an incredible shot or colour grading. So, sometimes you just export and settle for average audio. However, by doing […]

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How to Remove Background Noise in Audacity

Filmmaker’s need to remove background noise is very common. Whether it’s for a short film, feature film or an interview, removing background noise as an indie filmmaker is usually left to yourself or the editor. In larger-scale Hollywood budget films there are specialists on board to do this; but fear not, there are easy-to-use platforms […]

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The Best Slow Motion and High-Speed Cameras 2020

How does a high-speed camera work?  Slow motion and high-speed cameras work by capturing video footage at a higher rate than usual. These are usually shot at above 250 frames per second, at exposures of less than 1/1000th of a second. A high fps rate captures multiple still frames per second, then when they are […]

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Top 5 free After Effects plugins and templates 2020

After Effects is a motion graphics, digital visual effects and compositing application. This is predominantly used in the post-production process of film making, television and video gaming. The main uses of After Effects for post-production is tracking, compositing, keying and animation. Here we breakdown the top 5 free After Effects plugins and templates. These plugins […]

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Black Tripod

What is a hyperlapse and how do you make one?

A hyperlapse is a form of a time-lapse technique that allows the photographer to create motion shots by manually moving the camera between each shot. A hyperlapse is achieved over a much longer distance compared to a standard timelapse by stabilising the camera on a mount or a tripod and capturing complex motion paths. Tips […]

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How to create a killer music brief for your production

An interview with Eddie Grey This week we caught up with Filmstro composer and modern creative Eddie Grey. Eddie uses the traditional lessons of music production and blends them with the madness of modern technology. He is a lover of all things sound and is the Head Composer for shows on A&E, TLC and Oxygen. […]

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Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

5 Premiere Pro Tips for Indie Filmmakers

Editing is difficult and can take a lot of your time, but nonetheless, it’s a highly rewarding and creative process. If you’re editing a short film, animation, feature-length film or your latest YouTube series we’re here to help. From shortcuts to little tricks below, we have 7 essential Premiere Pro Tips to speed up the […]

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