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How does it work?

Music's DNA

Filmstro is all about empowering you - the visual creative - to harness the building blocks of music in an intuitive yet powerful way. 

You no longer need to figure out the BPM of the music and edit fiddly stems in your NLE or audio program. 

Just dial in the right emotion at the right time to enhance your edit like never before. 

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Start with our pre-built templates

When you start a Filmstro project you're invited to select one of our pre-built templates.

Load up the Composer's mix template to get an idea of the variety the track has to offer. Need something more upfront? Grab the Maximum Mix template. For something more mellow, start your project with the Minimum Mix template. 

You can even save and export your own templates and import those to new projects. 

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Make musical changes on the fly

Achieve in minutes what would take a composer hours!

Preview your video in real time as you make changes to the music. 

Use the scoring sliders to block in the main shape you want the music to be and then use the transitions tab to add and refine the musical transitions from section to section if necessary. 

You can also make changes directly on the timeline and shuttle through each parameter to hear the musical changes instantly while watching your footage. 

It's time to SEE the music

Filmstro lets you visualise the music in the timeline in a meaningful way. You decide when the intensity of the track increases or where it become more complex or full-bodied. 

You can also make quick global changes to things such as the length of the track or overall volume so it compliments the preview of your edit even better. 

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Granular control when needed

We believe you should be able to edit music like you already edit video.

Once you've blocked in the rough shape of your soundtrack it's time to refine the transitions from section to section. 

Use the transition tab to add or edit specific transitions from section to section to get the sound you need. Choose from snap, linear, ease in/out or fade in/out to get the desired result.

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Save alternate versions

If you're creating music for a client project, it's easy to save up to three different versions within the same project. 

We're also working on collaborative tooling which will also allow you to invite other users to preview your work for an even faster workflow in future.

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Control - right up to the final beat

With ordinary stock audio you're often stuck with a slow quiet intro and a loud ending shortly after the musical climax. With Filmstro YOU choose. 

You can determine exactly how the music should start and end. 

Go out with a bang instead of a whimper (unless you want to go out with a whimper - we're not judging!). 

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You can trigger hotspots that explain everything you need to know at any time. You'll also find links to our knowledge-base with more tutorial videos and walkthroughs, so what are you waiting for?

Filmstro Trailer Maker

A new dedicated tool for creating cinematic trailers in record speed. Included for free with the purchase of a Filmstro Pro or Pro Plus license. 

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Filmstro NLE plugin

A solution for working directly in your NLE.

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