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Frequently Asked Questions

Account & Billing

  • I bought a license but the app is still restricted

    1. Verify your email address via the Welcome email you received when you first signed up. If you can’t find it, let us know and we can resend it.

    2. Go to and view the My Account page. Check your email address and ensure you can see an active license.

    3. Within the Filmstro Pro app on your computer, go to File -> Log Out (Windows) or Filmstro Pro -> Account Login (Mac) then, log back in using the same email address you used online. Sometimes two accounts get created when a user logs in using the Google button, and also signs up with an email and password. We do merge these accounts but only after the Welcome email has been verified and the user logs in again.

  • "No License Found" in Filmstro Panel, even though I have a license

    If you’ve just bought a license:

    1. First, have a look at our FAQ topic ‘I bought a license but the app is still restricted’ – hopefully that will clear up any questions!
    2. Once you have access within the Filmstro Pro app (no padlocks), restart Filmstro BETA in Adobe Premiere Pro.


    If you have an existing license:

    1. Open Filmstro Pro and check you have access.
    2. Restart Filmstro BETA in Adobe Premiere Pro. The Filmstro Pro app will verify your license and then share this information with Filmstro Panel. We are streamlining this process during the BETA phase so please bear with us.
  • Can I use Filmstro Soundtracks on my Youtube channel and the monetised videos?

    Yes. Although we're a music publisher and can receive royalties from Youtube when people use Filmstro music on that platform, that has nothing to do with the monetisation of your videos, or your right to use our music royalty free. Just dive in, create your soundtrack and upload. And it's covered for ever with that video. Even if you cancel your memebership! 

  • Can I sell a Wedding Video to my clients if I used a Filmstro Soundtrack in it?

    Yes. If you had a Filmstro subscription at the time of creating the video then you have paid us to use Filmstro. Therefore you can sell on the Soundtrack as part of a Wedding Video.

  • How do I cancel?

    In order to cancel your account please log into our website. Click My Account, navigate to licenses via the side menu and choose to cancel your subscription. We've experienced some bugs with this in the past so, if for some reason, you receive another bill from us after you cancel, don't worry, we'll rectify that and refund you if that happens! Just get in touch with us direct at

  • What happens if one of my videos is picked up by a TV network or production company? Can I sell it?

    Yes. However, the network will want to clear the Filmstro Soundtrack in your video and it’s really important that they have the Cuesheet information so they can register it properly for administrative purposes. Make sure to keep all your CueSheet info (even if you cancel your Subscription!) as this will allow you to easily exploit any of your content further down the line.

  • Where is the CueSheet information?

    The CueSheet information is automatically generated and written to a text file that is in the same project folder as your Filmstro project file.

  • Can I put a Filmstro Soundtrack on my personal website, with or without a video?

    Yes. As long as you aren't selling the soundtrack, you can display it in most places (excluding TV)

  • Can I pitch a Filmstro Soundtrack for a composing job I'm hoping to secure?

    It depends. You can't sell the Soundtrack you create into a commercial project such as online advertising, TV, Radio, film, or corporate productions. However, you can create the Soundtrack on behalf of your clients, but your clients then need to license the Soundtrack via our website for synchronisation with their project. Visit our Pricing page for more information.

  • Can I use Filmstro for my Short Film?

    Yes. We know that creating short films is a labour of love and your budget is low. So, even if you submit to the festival circuit and do well with your film, we’re happy for you to use a Filmstro Soundtrack. If you distribute your film to TV or other commercial exploitation then the new owner of your film will need to clear the Soundtrack. Check out our Pricing page .

  • Can I give a Filmstro Soundtrack to a friend for their website or Youtube Channel?

    Yes. If you want to help your friends out by creating Soundtracks for them, that's fine by us.

  • Is there more music?
    Yes. We release new tracks every week. By taking out a subscription you will receive every single new track as an automatic update to the Collections section.
  • What is Filmstro's refund policy?

    As a rule we don't offer refunds as per our terms and conditions. So, please try our software before you buy - it's free to download - and browse the library to ensure you're happy with what we're offering. If you take out a subscription you can always cancel anytime and your subscription will remaiin active until the end of the billing period. 

Software & Plugins

  • Why am I not receiving new music?

    You’ll need to upgrade to the most recent version of Filmstro Pro to receive new music. First, delete the software from your system, then download the newest version from our website and run the installer. We release new music every Friday – if you still feel you’re not receiving music, please contact us through the form on the website.

  • Which video formats are currently supported in Filmstro Pro?

    Currently, Filmstro Pro only supports mp4, but it's really quick and easy to convert your other formats to mp4. Somtimes you literally just click on the file extension and type mp4 and you're done! We're good at one thing and that's allowing control of music to create awesome soundtracks. If you want more flexibility with video then your best bet is to use our plugin for Adobe Premiere or Final Cut! Good luck :)

  • I don't get any sound!

    Filmstro Pro and Filmstro Panel share the audio settings found in Filmstro Pro's preferences. Please try changing these settings and testing if the audio plays in Filmstro Pro – if it does, it should be fine in Filmstro Panel. If it is just Filmstro Panel, please make sure the library is fully downloaded in Filmstro Pro, close Filmstro Pro down and then restart the panel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • What audio quality does Filmstro use?

    Every Filmstro track is mixed and mastered at 24bit 48kHz. Both Filmstro Pro and Filmstro Panel will output 24bit 48kHz WAV files.

  • Playback of music keeps breaking up

    Like with most apps, having other programmes running concurrently can affect Filmstro Pro and Filmstro Panel’s performance. With every update, we strive to make sure our apps are as stable as possible.

  • Where can I find my finished files?

    By default, your saved sessions are stored in Documents/filmstro_sessions (Mac) or My Documents/Filmstro Sessions (Windows) as .stro files. You can choose to store your files anywhere, however. In Filmstro Panel, your saved files are stored in the ‘project_Filmstro Music’ and ‘project_Filmstro Sessions’ at the same location as your Adobe Premiere Pro project file.

  • Can I share my .stro files with other Filmstro users?

    Yes. As many users as you like can send, edit, view and collaborate on the same soundtrack at the same time. If you have a Filmstro Pro Membership and use a non-demo Theme, the other users will also need a Membership. You will need to share your videos separately, however.

  • How do I set up Filmstro in the Premiere Panel?
    1. Download the Adobe Premiere Pro app from our website
    2. Launch the installer
    3. Tick the box to enable the Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in
    4. Go to Windows > extensions > Filmstro BETA
  • Can I improve the lag in Filmstro Panel?

    You can try setting the Performance level to 'Low' in the settings menu (spanner icon). This does not reduce the quality of the audio file rendered.


    There are known performance issues between Adobe host applications (e.g. Premiere Pro) and extension panels. Unfortunately we are limited to what we can do, but we will continue to optimise as much as we can.

  • Filmstro is not working/appearing in Premiere Pro

    The Filmstro Panel is currently compatible exclusively with Premiere Pro CC 2017 and now CC 2018. If you have an older version of Premiere Pro, this could cause issues. We’re currently working on making the Filmstro Panel compatible with older versions.

  • Are there Software updates?

    Yes. We will be adding functionality and more music on an ongoing basis, but you will never have to pay for a new version of Filmstro. Ever.