Frequently Asked Questions

Account & Billing

I bought a license but the app is still restricted

This could have happened for 2 reasons.

  1. You originally signed up with Google sign in (and we no longer support this). So, to fix this, please visit our website and sign UP using the email you used originally during the google sign in. Ignore any error messages and just try logging in again once you've done this. It's a good idea to clear your browser cache.
  2. Our legacy payment gateway has not updated your license. Please contact us via and we can manually do this for you while we migrate you to our new payment platform.

Can I use Filmstro Soundtracks on my Youtube channel and monetised videos?

Yes. We don't want to divert your monetisation income like other music rights holders. When we say royalty free we actually mean it! Just dive in, create your soundtrack and upload. And it's covered for ever with that video. Even if you cancel your subscription!

Is there educational pricing for schools, universities and students?

Yes. You can apply for multiple educational licenses for educational institutions or an individual student licence from our education page here.

Can I sell a Wedding Video to my clients if I used a Filmstro Soundtrack in it?

Yes. If you had a Filmstro PRO license at the time of creating the video then you have paid us to use Filmstro. Therefore you can sell on the Soundtrack as part of a Wedding Video.

How do I cancel?

In order to cancel your account please log into our website. Click My Account, navigate to licenses via the side menu and choose to cancel your subscription. If you're on a legacy platform and can't see a cancellation button that's ok. Just get in touch with us direct at and we'll cancel it for you!

What happens if one of my videos is picked up by a TV network or production company? Can I sell it?

Yes. However, the network will want to clear the Filmstro Soundtrack in your video and it’s really important that they have the license info for their 'Cuesheets', so be sure to keep a copy of the Filmstro license handy for future reference!

Can I put a Filmstro Soundtrack on my personal website, with or without a video?

Yes. As long as you aren't selling the soundtrack, you can display it in most places (excluding TV).

Can I pitch a Filmstro Soundtrack for a composing job I'm hoping to secure?

It depends. You can't sell the Soundtrack you create into a commercial project such as online advertising, TV, Radio, film, or corporate productions. However, you can create the Soundtrack on behalf of your clients, but your clients then need to license the Soundtrack via our website for synchronisation with their project. Visit our Pricing page for more information.

Can I use Filmstro for my Short Film?

Yes. We know that creating short films is a labour of love and your budget is low. If you submit to the festival circuit please make sure you've purchased a PRO license. If you distribute your film to TV or other commercial exploitation then the new owner of your film will need to clear the Soundtrack with a PRO PLUS license. Check out our Pricing page.

Is there more music?

Yes. We release new tracks every week. By purchasing a license you will receive every single new track which you will find on the website and in update emails and videos.

What is Filmstro's refund policy?

As a rule we don't offer refunds as per our terms and conditions. So, please try our software before you buy - it's free to try - and browse the library to ensure you're happy with what we're offering. If you take out a subscription you can always cancel anytime and your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period. To begin with, simply start with a monthly subscription which is less money and then upgrade to an Annual if you want to save in the long run!

I have an active license but when I download tracks from the website I can still hear the 'Filmstro dot com' watermark. How can I fix this?

Here are the instructions on how to fix this issue:

  1. Log out of your Filmstro account on the website
  2. Clear you cache
  3. Log back into your account and download a track

This should fix it! If you can still hear the watermark, please get in touch with us and email


Do I have to use Google Chrome for Filmstro?

FilmstroPro is based on the WebAudio API and not all browser companies have agreed on one unified implementation. As Google was an early adopter, it has made the most performance enhancements which is why we recommend using Chrome.

Which video formats are currently supported in Filmstro Pro?

Currently, Filmstro Pro only supports mp4, but it's really quick and easy to convert your other formats to mp4. Somtimes you literally just click on the file extension and type mp4 and you're done!

How long can my video be that I import to Filmstro?

Filmstro Pro is designed to play back our adaptive music format. We have not created technology to play back large video files. Therefore we recommend working with a 'scene-by-scene' approach and use 1 Soundtrack in your timeline at a time and export those once you're happy with the music.

We recommend videos of 10 minutes in length or less for the best results.

As long as it's below 200MB you should be ok!


What audio quality does Filmstro use?

Every Filmstro track is mixed and mastered at 24bit 48kHz. However, Filmstro Pro will output 16bit 48kHz WAV files.

Why does playback contain some audio glitches?

Our Web App is affected by your machine's available memory, CPU and the other demands you're placing on the browser. The computational load can also be quite high depending on (1) the number of individual audio streams in a Filmstro dynamic track and (2) the size of your video edit.

To maximise performance, make sure to do the following:

> Only use Google Chrome with Filmstro Pro
> Keep other open tabs to a minimum
> Consider using a smaller video edit

The good news is that in most cases, any audio glitches will not be present in your final render!

Where can I find my Sessions and Renders?

By default, your saved sessions are stored in your user profile. You need to be logged in and have a Filmstro license in order to save your sessions in the WebApp.

You can access any previously created session by navigating to the folder icon on the left hand side of the App.

Your renders are downloaded to your default downloads folder on your machine.

Are there Software updates?

Yes. We will be adding functionality and more music on an ongoing basis, but you will never have to pay extra for a new version of Filmstro. Ever.

I heard about a Filmstro plugin for Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut? Where are they?

Our plugins have been removed for now. It was a great experience and we plan to offer NLE plugins again in future, but with an entirely new code-base.

So, to help us decide which NLE to focus on, just submit your email under the NLE of your choice on our product page here.

I'm still using the Filmstro standalone App. Will that continue to be supported?

You can still use the Filmstro standalone App for as long as you continue to own an OS on which our software will run.

However, as of April 30th 2022 it has no longer been possible to download content within the standalone App, but any content downloaded previously will still work as expected.

What's the best way of requesting features or giving feedback?

For feature requests, please check out our roadmap.

You can vote on the feature you would most like us to prioritise and email us at to suggest features that aren't on our list!