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If you want to use our music for commercial work or on behalf of clients you'll need a Pro license. 


You also need a Pro license if you would like a custom music commission from us. 

If your project is destined for TV, Radio, VOD or streaming then you need a Pro Plus license.

When you purchase a Filmstro license you can register your Youtube channel so any claims are automatically released (for ever - even after you cancel!).

If you have a PRO or PRO PLUS license then you can also register your client videos so they are cleared.

If you have a Pro Plus license then we can create a brief for our composers based on your unique needs. We aim to turn custom commissions around within 30 days and add new music - that you ask for - to our library within that timeframe.

They remain cleared worldwide and for ever. Nothing to worry about as long as you had the correct license at the time of creating the content. 

If you had a YouTuber or a Pro license at the point of submitting your film for a festival, and your project is now going to be released on VOD, TV, streaming or theatrical, then you need to clear the music by purchasing a Pro Plus license. 

In other words, we want to make it super easy for you to submit your films to short film festivals, and even though your film will be publicly shown at the festival we're ok with that only requiring a YouTuber personal license. 

However, if your film is picked up by a distributor who will then publish your film across VOD, Netflix, Amazon, DVD, TV etc., then you will need to contact us to get a PRO PLUS license to cover that usage. 
The distributor will not use your film for those platforms unless the music is cleared anyway so it's in your best interest to get a PRO PLUS license so you can provide that license to the distributor as assurance. 👍

Yes. As long as you have a Pro Plus license that's fine. 

Yes. Find out more and apply here (student ID required). 

Simply click the cancel button in your account Dashboard on or contact us through the website to ask us to cancel for you!


We recommend Google Chrome. FilmstroPro is based on the WebAudio API and not all browser companies have agreed on one unified implementation. As Google was an early adopter, it has made the most performance enhancements which is why we recommend using Chrome.

The main thing that matters is Ram, and we recommend 8GB of Ram

Currently, Filmstro Pro only supports mp4, but it's really quick and easy to convert your other formats to mp4. Somtimes you literally just click on the file extension and type mp4 and you're done!

Filmstro Pro is designed to play back our adaptive music format. We have not created technology to play back large video files. Therefore we recommend working with a 'scene-by-scene' approach and use 1 Soundtrack in your timeline at a time and export those once you're happy with the music.

We recommend videos of 10 minutes in length or less for the best results.

As long as it's below 500MB you should be ok!

Every Filmstro track is mixed and mastered at 24bit 48kHz. However, Filmstro Pro will output 16bit 48kHz WAV files.

Our Web App is affected by your machine's available memory, CPU and the other demands you're placing on the browser. The computational load can also be quite high depending on (1) the number of individual audio streams in a Filmstro dynamic track and (2) the size of your video edit.

To maximise performance, make sure to do the following:

> Only use Google Chrome with Filmstro Pro
> Keep other open tabs to a minimum
> Consider using a smaller video edit

The good news is that, in most cases, any audio glitches will not be present in your final render!

Just email us at to suggest features and report any bugs you may find.

If you have a Pro or Pro Plus license then we can create a brief for our composers based on your unique needs. We aim to turn custom commissions around within 30 days and add new music - that you ask for - to our library within that timeframe.


Our plugins have been removed for now as our audio engine has massively changed over the last few years and we can't support numerous legacy products. Instead we are consolidating our efforts around our new and improved audio engine and will bring back plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and other NLEs as soon as possible.

So, to help us decide which NLE to focus on, just submit your email under the NLE of your choice on our product page here.

You can still use the Filmstro standalone App for as long as you continue to own an OS on which our software will run.

However, as of April 30th 2022 it is no longer possible to download content within the standalone App and this product is no longer officially being supported. 

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