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Music's DNA

Filmstro is all about empowering you - the visual creative - to harness the building blocks of music in an intuitive yet powerful way. 

You no longer need to figure out the BPM of the music and edit fiddly stems in your NLE or audio program. 

Just set the length you need and then dial in the right emotion at the right time to enhance your edit like never before. 

Filmstro sliders for making custom edits to royalty free music

Find out why Filmstro is your next must-have addition to your post-production toolkit!

Check out this Demo to see the power of Filmstro in action. Using an awesome Star Wars fan film as an edit, I make real-time changes to a cinematic underscore to perfectly match the music to the visuals. Saving a ton of time and money! 

Play Video

Make musical changes on the fly

Achieve in minutes what would take a composer hours!

3 areas of the Filmstro app for viewing video, editing music using the sliders and making edits on the timeline

Preview your video in real time as you make changes to the music. 

Use the scoring sliders to control the 'Momentum', 'Depth' and 'Power' of the music in real time. Or highlight sections and use the sliders to block in changes offline. 

You can also make changes directly on the timeline with the pen tool - again, in real time or offline. Whatever works best for you.

It's time to SEE the music

We designed Filmstro for you. The visual creative. Filmstro lets you visualise the music in the timeline in a meaningful way. You decide when the intensity of the track increases or where it become more complex or full-bodied. Allowing you to edit music as easily as you already edit video!

Close up of the Filmstro app timeline showing a custom music edit
Screenshot from the Filmstro app, matching music to video length

Smart music length

With ordinary stock audio you're often stuck with a set length of music, and in some cases some additional versions at pre-defined lengths. Well, what if you need the music to be 36 seconds exactly, or 2 minutes and 11 seconds? 
With Filmstro true adaptability is built into every track as standard and our audio can even automatically adapt the length of the music to your video edit if you're using one in the Filmstro App.  

Individual Stem Control

Often times with ordinary royalty free stock music you find a track you like, only for there to be one instrument or vocal that you wish you could remove. With Filmstro we've solved that. Simply use our stem control panel to audition the individual sounds and then remove the one(s) you don't like, getting you from "nearly perfect" to "perfect" in record time!

Screenshot from the Filmstro app, viewing the list of audio stems
Filmstro app - controlling the ending of music soundtracks using our custom sliders

Control - right up to the final beat

With ordinary stock audio you're often stuck with a slow quiet intro and a loud ending shortly after the musical climax. With Filmstro YOU choose. 

You can determine exactly how the music should start and end. 

Go out with a bang instead of a whimper (unless you want to go out with a whimper - we're not judging!). 

Ready to try the full product?

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Editing royalty free music in the Filmstro app timeline

Filmstro is very easy to learn. There is an overview video that explains everything in under 2 minutes when you first open the App. You can also switch on a 'more information' tab in the right panel to read more about each individual feature. And you'll also find links to our knowledge-base with more tutorial videos and walkthroughs, so what are you waiting for?

Filmstro Trailer Maker

A new dedicated tool for creating cinematic trailers in record speed. Included for free with the purchase of a Filmstro Pro or Pro Plus license. 

Be notified when it goes live!

Filmstro as part of a video editing NLE such as Premiere Pro

Filmstro NLE plugin

A solution for working directly in your NLE.

Register your support for your favourite platform below to help us decide which NLE to prioritise. FinalCut has been removed due to lack of demand so the final contenders are Resolve and Premiere Pro. Who will be the first to be built? You decide!

Adobe Premiere Pro

DaVinci Resolve

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