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Quick Promo

Start here if you know nothing about Filmstro

Watch this 61 second promo to see the core concept of Filmstro in action!

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Watch this to learn all the core concepts in under 2 minutes

Watch this quick overview to become acquainted with the core concepts and an overview of Filmstro and our Web App. 

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Full Cycle Demo

Watch this for an in-depth walkthrough

In this explainer you'll see how Filmstro is used to create a soundtrack to a video. We briefly touch on all areas involved, including adding a video edit, drawing the musical changes, adding transitions, and exporting a custom score. 

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Music DNA

Momentum, Depth & Power

Find out how the three parameters of momentum, depth and power correlate with the fundamental parameters of all music; regardless of instrumental palette, mood or music genre. 

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Explainer 04

Walkthrough Part 1/3

Preparing a session

In part 1 of our 3-part walkthrough you'll cover the basics of best-practice when selecting footage and music to begin working in Filmstro. We'll also cover templates and the length change feature along with basic timeline operations and transport controls. 

Explainer 05

Walkthrough Part 2/3

Creating a music cue

In part 2 of our 3-part walkthrough you'll learn about each tool and feature available to sculpt a piece of music to suit your edit., including adding custom transitions, ramps and changing the length of the overall soundtrack.

Explainer 06

Walkthrough Part 3/3

Render & Export

In this final part of our 3-part walkthrough you'll  pick up some additional tips about saving alternate versions of your mix for client feedback, rendering the timeline and exporting your final custom score. 

Tutorial 01

How to create a YouTube Intro

In this tutorial you'll use a cut-down preset of one of our templates to create an impactful bumper for your a YouTube channel intro.

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 02

How to create a drama cue

In this tutorial you'll manipulate a gentle soundtrack to compliment a dramatic interchange between 2 characters. Includes profanity and explicit subject matter. Viewer discretion advised. 

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 03

How to create a comedy cue

In this tutorial you'll manipulate a minimalist soundtrack to add levity to a quirky scene. 

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 04

How to create an action score

In this tutorial you'll learn how to emphasise certain key visual plot points with music to emphasise the on-screen action.

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 05

How to create a long-form music 'bed'

In this tutorial you'll use two companion-themes to create a varied 'composed-sounding' soundtrack for a longer documentary edit. 

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 06

How to create a horror underscore

In this tutorial you'll use a number of horror scores to create a unique and custom score for a horror cue. 

Difficulty level: 

Tutorial 07

How to create a wedding soundtrack

In this tutorial you'll combine two tracks to create the perfect musical bed for a wedding video.

Difficulty level: 

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