Music that Moves.

Setting up the world's first adaptive music library. Our journey so far...

The beginning

In 2013 we became frustrated by the inherent challenges that occur between musicians and non-musicians when communicating about music. The conversation between a composer and a creative media professional is typified by a clash of vocabulary that makes briefing composers a vague and sometimes frustrating process - for both parties. 

We wanted to fix that and stumbled across Filmstro by accident!

The context

Music technology - specifically tools for music producers and composers - had been steadily evolving with additional time-saving features built in to many plugins and software instruments. 

One of these was a common feature based on an XY pad that would allow for the manipulation of sound across 2 variables (the X and Y axis). 

The test

Taking this idea to its logical conclusion we wondered if it would be possible to manipulate an entire piece of music and separate it into its constituent parts so that we could accurately label each part with a new language for music; thereby allowing a conversation to take place that would help non-musicians describe music, by using art-terminology instead of music terminology. 

We wanted non-musicians to be able to 'see' music. 

The prototype

When we started speaking to producers, directors, agency creatives and other professionals, it quickly became apparent that we'd stumbled on something that might have a commercial application. 

One comment was "what if you could simply change these parameters?"

So, Filmstro was born and we started working on making this a reality from late 2014.


We designed the very first piece of technology to work on iOS - specifically on iPad - and it was a fantastic experience as one could move all three sliders simultaneously and have a lot of fun and control over the music. 

However, at the time, there were very clear limits of what kind of editing functionality we could offer for iOS (and web audio was in its infancy) so we decided to build the product for more powerful desktop devices.   

We raised some seed money and dedicated 2015 to building Filmstro V1 with with a core team of three people. 

The launch

In 2016 we raised some more money, took on proper premises, hired a team and started telling the world about Filmstro!

At launch we were also the first stock audio provider to offer content with a subscription model; something that has now been adopted industry-wide. 

The future

Since launch we've been honoured to help thousands of content creators tell their story with music. We've also had the pleasure of working with some wonderful partners over the last several years, including iris nation, Adobe, Apple, Unity, Unreal, Cinema5D, FilmRiot and many others. 

7 years in, we're now going back to our roots to deliver one unified core product that will offer Filmstro's unique adaptive music format directly in the browser.  

Join us to be part of the journey!  

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