Unlimited downloads of 100% pre-cleared music. All licensed music is cleared worldwide and for ever.




The solution for individual students



12 month pass - no auto-renew ($75/year)

Student ID required

License covers:

* One social channel per platform


Perfect for Creative Media courses



Billed annually ($49/year)

License covers:

* One social channel per platform

You're in good company

A new language to describe music

At the core of what makes Filmstro work is a new understanding about the fundamentals of music; irrespective of musical genre, mood or instrumental palette. 

These fundamentals are Momentum, Depth, and Power. Harnessing these three variables in the right way gives users an unprecedented and entirely musical way to shape soundtracks. 

It's time to 'see' the music

Film students & creative media students usually have strong visual skills with a good sense of aesthetic and ideas about storytelling.

However, helping to define the emotional content of a story requires harnessing the auditory medium of music.

With Filmstro you and your students can 'see' the music like never before - giving you the tools to easily make nuanced and powerful changes that better support a visual story with music.  

Editing in the cloud

Web audio has come a long way and it's now possible to use Filmstro directly in the browser without the need to download or install software or separate music files. 

Just open Chrome and you're ready to create.

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Frequently asked questions

Educational licenses are only available to teachers for multiple workstations for their school, college or university. 

If you're an individual student you need to apply for a Filmstro license (Student ID required). 

By default the educational license is a recurring subscription. However, if you need to purchase Filmstro on a year-by-year basis, you can simply cancel (your purchase will be valid for 12 months) and then purchase again the following academic year. 

Because to be eligible for a student license you need to prove you're enrolled in a course each year. So this product is not a subscription and you will need to purchase another license after 12 months if you wish to continue using a student license.

We are currently working on our knowledge base which will include tutorials, activities, explainers and assignment suggestions to enrich the music curriculum delivery. 
See what's coming here:

Students may not use Filmstro for any commercial or paid work. Any non-monetised content is fine, including film-festival submissions. However, one monetised personal YouTube channel is allowed (we all want to show off our reels after all!). 

They remain cleared worldwide and for ever. Nothing to worry about as long as you had the correct license at the time of creating the content. 

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