Submit your YouTube Channel ID to whitelist your Filmstro content

If you have an ENTERPRISE license or a PRO or PRO PLUS annual license, you can add more than 1 channel and also submit clients' video ID(s) below

Where do I find the YouTube Channel ID?

You can find the ID in the Advanced Settings of your Youtube account.

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ENTERPRISE and PRO and PRO PLUS annual license holders: You can enter multiple Channel IDs in a comma-separated list

Submit your clients' Video IDs to whitelist their Filmstro content

In the same way you just did for your Channel above; this time adding the unique Video IDs for your clients' video(s)

Where do I find the YouTube Video ID?

You can find the Video ID in the url of the Video. The ID is made up of the last 11-digits in the url.

Clear your clients' Videos

You can enter multiple Video IDs in a comma-separated list

What about live streams? How do I prevent claims on those?

Simply contact us at least 72 hours before your live stream to provide us with the date of your live stream and your Channel ID and we'll do the rest!

Frequently asked questions

Whitelisting for YouTube channels is only available for the following plans:



Pro Plus Lifetime (legacy)
Pro Lifetime (legacy)

Plans NOT eligible for whitelisting are:
- Educational institution 
- Student 
- YouTuber monthly
- YouTuber annual
- Single track lifetime license (all tiers)
- YouTuber lifetime (legacy)

Don't worry. All content cleared during your active Filmstro subscription will remain cleared. 

Your channel will no longer be whitelisted, but this will not affect any content uploaded during your active subscription period. 


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