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Frequently asked questions

If you want to use our music for commercial work or on behalf of clients you'll need a Pro license. 


You also need a Pro license if you would like a custom music commission from us. 

If your project is destined for TV, Radio, VOD or streaming then you need a Pro Plus license.

When you sign up for Filmstro you need to register your social channel(s) with us or the social channels for your clients

If you have a Pro Plus license then we can create a brief for our composers based on your unique needs. We aim to turn custom commissions around within 30 days and add new music - that you ask for - to our library within that timeframe.

If you purchase one of our lifetime licenses, then you are purchasing a perpetual license for the specific product version that is available on our site at the time of purchase as per our terms and conditions

This includes all updates to that version AND all new music in perpetuity, but does not include major version releases (we're currently on V3 after 10 years of building this tech). 

The way to think about it is like this: If you purchased 'Call of Duty' II when it came out, you don't get 'Call of Duty III' for free when that's released right? It's the same with Filmstro. Although we're actually really generous and give you all new music - whether you crossgrade to the latest version or not! So, using the 'Call of Duty' example once more: that's like receiving a new character or weapon for free for ever! 

They remain cleared worldwide and for ever. Nothing to worry about as long as you had the correct license at the time of creating the content. 

If you had a YouTuber or a Pro license at the point of submitting your film, and your project is now going to be released on VOD, TV, streaming or theatrical, then you need to clear the music by purchasing a Pro Plus license. 

Yes. As long as you have a Pro Plus license that's fine. 

Yes. Find out more and apply here (student ID required). 

Simply click the cancel button in your account Dashboard on or contact us through the website to ask us to cancel for you!

Our studio is by the Seaside in 'Silicon Beach' aka Brighton UK
Our office hours are: MON-FRI 09:00 - 17:00 UK GMT
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