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Find out what it takes to become a writer for our adaptive music library

Before we go any further

We work exclusively with composers who use Logic Pro as their DAW. This is because you don't just send us mixes or stems - you send us your Logic sessions which our in-house music team continue to work on in Logic Pro with proprietary plugins that we've developed to convert your music into the Filmstro adaptive format. 

Adaptive music

If you've worked on projects for larger game studios then you're already familiar with 'adaptive' or 'dynamic' audio. At Filmstro we have a unique system - comparable in some ways to Fmod or Wwise - that allows the end users to make fundamental changes to the music. 


When you write for us you will be shown how to use our in-house Audio Units to allow you to test whether or not your composition is translating well into our format. You will receive training on this and the plugins free of charge. 

The mix

Mixing for Filmstro is different to mixing for other traditional projects. If you've prepared music for immersive 3D or 360º environments you'll be comfortable with the concept, as the mix will significantly change depending on which inflection of the sliders the user has set at any given time. 

The master

Mastering for Filmstro is also different to a standard linear project. As we're dealing with differing combinations of stems that are re-arranged and rendered uniquely on the fly, you can't simply throw a bunch of mastering plugins onto your final 'out' channel. 

Instead you need to sculpt the best possible mix on a per-channel basis using all the tricks at your disposal, but on each channel; leaving the master out empty.  

The deal

In 2015 we became the first music library to offer a SaaS business model to consumer customers, thereby fundamentally changing the way we rewarded composers along the way. All Filmstro writers receive a proportional share of our overall revenue. It's completely independent of how often your particular track is used or what it's used for; or even if it's used at all.
All that matters is whether it's in our library. So you earn money from all of your Filmstro music, all of the time.  

Apply now

If what you've read sounds like your cup of tea, and you want to get your music into our Web App, then simply apply by submitting your email below. We'll then be in touch with you with next steps. 

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