How AI and Content Creators Can Thrive Together

March 13th, 2024  |  by amaliehluthra

How AI and Content Creators Can Thrive Together

It’s been an eventful few years in the world of generative AI, last year in particular seeing a tremendous shift in the way that content creators use it. The intersection of AI and content creation presents a mixture of incredible opportunities and challenges. Industries everywhere - from film and television to music and marketing - are seeing AI manifest in profoundly exciting (and concerning) ways. In this blog we explore how AI and content creators can thrive together.

As AI continues to advance with each passing day, content creators - from videographers and influencers to creative writers - are faced with the evolving, challenging task of adapting and leveraging these technologies. Creators are striving to find intuitive ways to use AI to enhance their processes, ideation, and decision-making while preserving the innate essences of human artistry and creativity. Filmstro is no stranger to this widely discussed issue among creatives, with generative music AI being a hot topic.

For all of its quirks and augmentation benefits, generative AI tools have severe limitations which content creators must consider. For all of its time-saving advantages, a lack of supervision can allow hallucinations and biases to slip through the cracks, among other considerations that could damage a creator’s brand, reputation, and ability to propagate legitimate content. Fear not, however, because this article is here to explain how AI and content creators can form a productive and authentic tandem, where the power of technology can be harnessed ethically and the invaluable human touch can be maintained. 

AI as a Creative Springboard

Ideation and Inspiration

A significant benefit of AI for content creators is being able to harness it for idea generation. AI tools can analyse vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and suggest concepts, combinations, and opportunities that may be invisible to the naked eye. This can be handy in overcoming creative blocks or exploring new avenues in content. Even a single prompt or visual reference can kickstart a wave of clever ideation processes. Content creators can use this as a springboard for refining, adapting, and building on ideas with their own creative talents. Therefore, AI is feeding human creators more creative inspiration to apply the quintessential touches that make content theirs.

Text Generation and Augmentation

AI chatbots like ChatGPT have made significant strides in generating coherent and contextually relevant text, but it doesn’t stop there. AI-generated content platforms are growing exponentially in number which can help creators streamline their content generation and production processes.

These models may not be an adequate, suitable replacement for human artists entirely. However, their ability to overcome blockers and facilitate processes is evident. By using text generation tools to create initial drafts, outlines, propositions, or sections of content based on carefully constructed guidelines and prompts, content creators can quickly find themselves with a valuable helping hand. Provided that creative writers and artists methodically review, edit, and refine any AI-generated text to align with the desired tone, style, and vision, this can create an efficient and beneficial symbiotic relationship.

The Limitations of Generative [Music] AI

AI has made significant strides in numerous applications like copywriting, administration, and image and video generation. However, the realm of generative music AI remains fraught with limitations and ethical implications. 

There have been many efforts to develop AI systems capable of composing original music. Unfortunately, the current technology falls short in capturing the nuances, emotional depth, and creative expression that human composers achieve.

Technical Limitations

Similar to their text-based counterparts, generative music AI models are often trained on large datasets of existing music. This can ultimately lead to an AI-generated version of a song that merely mimics or replicates existing styles and patterns, without any of that intrinsic originality that makes an artist’s work truly authentic.  

Music is a highly complex art form that involves technical combinations of melody, harmony, rhythm, and emotion, making it challenging for AI systems to truly capture the essence of human creativity and personal expression. Simply using a tool to apply another artist’s voice for a track that doesn’t match their style leads to a messy and disjointed product.

Maintaining coherence and narrative over extended musical scores and compositions often results in repetitive and highly jarring outputs that lack any semblance of natural flow or progression.

Ethical Concerns

Looking beyond its technical limitations, generative music AI’s widespread use raises ethical concerns regarding copyrights, intellectual property and artistic licensing and royalties, not to mention the underlying and inevitable devaluation of human creativity. There is a risk that AI-generated music could be exploited for commercial gain without any integrated compensation, or recognition for the artists whose works were used to guide the AI voices in the first place. 

The more AI-generated music that spreads, the more that it could potentially devalue the contributions of human composers, musicians, and songwriters, thus leading to a greater apathy towards the skill, talent, and emotion that goes into creating exceptional music.

The Perfect Union: Filmstro and a Hybrid of Talent and Technology

It’s no secret that generative AI - music or otherwise - has its limitations. While this is likely to remain as such for some time, Filmstro presents a fusion of human artistry and technological innovation. 

As an online royalty-free music library, Filmstro empowers content creators by providing a curated collection of high-quality, professionally composed music tailored specifically to their needs. It also lets creators customise each soundtrack to match their content, meaning that there is less back-and-forth with AI models that remove all authenticity from a piece.

Filmstro celebrates human artistry but also recognises technology as an enabler and facilitator in the creative process, whether it's on membership platforms or other content distribution channels. The platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities allow creators to quickly and easily find the perfect musical accompaniment for their edits. By empowering creators to customise and manipulate tracks to fit their edits, users can use this technology as an asset in ways that AI cannot suffice. Filmstro’s tool serves as a canvas on which creators can achieve their desired vision with authentic music to add depth and emotion.

The Main Takeaway: Embrace AI as a Tool and Nothing More

AI will continue to evolve and present itself in various stages of the content creation process. Creators mustn’t be blinded by its efficiency and speed alone. Otherwise, doing so only furthers the divide between genuine creative work and tools that mask human essence in outputs. Put simply, AI can be powerful for accelerating processes, but it shouldn't be viewed as a replacement for human creativity.

Leveraging AI’s capabilities ‌will help creators ‌unlock untapped areas of creative potential. Maintaining a firm grip on an AI tool’s usage and integration, particularly in the creative space, will be key. It’s about finding that blend of talent and technology, where creators enhance their processes without risking the essence that makes their work.


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