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Take control of your soundtrack.

Three sliders, infinite possibilities. Create unique and moving soundtracks for your films and videos. No musical experience necessary.

Are you a composer? Compose for Filmstro.

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Welcome to your customised soundtrack.

The three main elements of music are Momentum, Depth and Power.

Adjust these elements to turn any track in Filmstro into a unique dynamic soundtrack for your video.

Features and Integrations


Use the three sliders to adapt the music to precisely fit your needs.

Fits your workflow

Filmstro has plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut. It’s your workflow, only better.

Realtime Recording

Record changes to your soundtrack while watching your film.

Intros & Outros

Seamlessly integrate intros and outros to your film.

Filmstro in action

Music that moves

Whatever genre your film is, and whatever emotion you’re trying to evoke, Filmstro has what you need.