The Top Final Cut Pro X Plugins

November 23rd, 2020  |  by amaliehluthra

Final Cut Pro X Plugins:

As Final Cut Pro X settles itself into the mainstay of video editing, many of you have been asking about which plugins to get for Final Cut Pro.

We decided to look at some of the top FCPX plugins and list our favourites. These plugins will typically enhance your video footage, improve the transitions, or just make your editing life a hell of a lot easier.

Here are the top Final Cut Pro X plugins you must check out!

The Top Final Cut Pro X Plugins

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for, our top Final Cut Pro X plugins. These will help you become a better editor, more efficient in your editing process, and it will up the quality of your footage immediately.

Neat Video

Neat Video is first on our list, mainly because it’s incredibly useful and if you only choose to pick one from this list, make it Neat Video.

Why Neat Video?

It will clean the noise from your clip immediately; the strange noise on your nighttime footage will vanish instantly, leaving you with crisp, smooth video footage.

With a great storyline, crisp audio, and sharp footage, you are onto a winner.

AudioDenoise 2

Audio is essential to filmmaking; you could have the most incredible footage, but if your audio sucks, the film bombs.

With AudioDenoise 2, it corrects the audio in seconds and is a very useful plugin. There’s nothing worse than having to remove the background noise manually; as one, it’s time-consuming. And, two, it can go so wrong - distorting audio, tone reduction in places, unbalanced audio levels. You could destroy your audio.

But no need to worry with this plugin; it’s easy to use and does an incredible job. Go check it out!

Data Pop

Data Pop is a free plugin and an incredible one at that!

This is great for corporate videos, social videos, and even presentations. Data Pop allows you to plugin directly to Final Cut Pro X and uses animated graphs to display your information directly into your video.

Visually pleasing graphs, and absolutely free - ideal for a Linkedin Post too!

Cinema Grade

This is an insane colour grading plugin. It’s got up to 90 different LUTs built into the plugin to grade your footage to look as cinematic as possible.

It brings warmth, sharpness, and oozes quality. This plugin will add a lot to your production value, and we recommend it as a way to grade your footage to a cinematic level.


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