Professional Video Editing: How To Streamline Video Production

February 25th, 2022  |  by maria

Professional Video Editing: How To Streamline Video Production -

Professional video editing is not an easy task. It takes talent, skill, and a whole lotta hard work to become a top-notch professional video editor.

Constantly producing high-quality video content can take a lot of time and effort. It is a process that has numerous aspects to it. Professional video editing is one of the most crucial aspects of video production.

There are various professional video editing software and services that you can use to ensure your work is up to the mark and doesn’t fall short. The video production process needs to be streamlined and efficient, which is why using the best professional video editing software can help.

But before we get into the best professional video editing software that can be beneficial for you, we need to talk about what professional video editing really is. Let’s dive into it! 

What Is Professional Video Editing?

Professional video editing is probably the backbone of any video project. People often say that filming the video is the easiest part of the entire process. The real work starts when you start editing the footage that was recorded.

Professional video editing is also a process that contains multiple steps. There are various components that you have to edit, from video to audio to special effects, and much more. Professional video editing begins once the filming is complete, and it is part of the post-production of a movie or any other video content. 

Steps Of The Professional Video Editing Workflow

1.    Get The Raw Footage

Of course, you cannot start the professional video editing process without the raw footage. Once you receive the raw footage, you can start organizing it and understand the editing that is required. For long projects like films and television shows, editors receive raw footage on a daily basis. For shorter projects like music videos, the raw footage is handed to the editors once the filming is complete.

2.    Create A Rough Cut

The rough cut is where an editor can visualize how the entire video will come together. As a professional video editor, you compile all the images and decide which visual effects you will be adding to the footage. The rough cut is your chance to determine the pacing of the video and what changes are required.

3.    Create The “Picture Locked” Cut

Once you have the rough cut of your video, the next step in the professional video editing workflow is creating a picture-locked cut. During this step, the editor watches the rough cut on repeat and looks for any changes that have to be made regarding the shot selection, cuts, transitions, and the entire flow of the video. Once you finalize everything, the picture-locked cut is ready.

4.    Add The Visual Effects

Visual effects are a part of all video projects. Once the picture-locked cut of the video is created, the visual effects are added to the video. The editor may have to use special effects to add something as small as birds or clouds to the video, or as big as dragons or new worlds.

Color correcting and grading is also a part of the visual effects process. Professional video editor adds colors to determine the mood and atmosphere of the scene.

5.    Carry Out The Sound Mixing

When the visual aspects of the video have been finalized, it is time to move on to the audio. The audio editing and sound mixing come after the visual editing because you need to know which scenes will require which sounds. During the sound mixing, the editor might have to add foley and use ADR to ensure that all the sound is perfect for all the scenes.

6.    Fine-Tuning During The Final Watch-Throughs

Once all the editing is complete, the last step of the professional video editing is the final watch-throughs. The editor looks at the final product and ensures there are no errors and everything is flowing together seamlessly. The final watch-throughs should be done through the eyes of the audience and make any little changes that have to be made. 

Tips For Professional Video Editing

Ask For Feedback Every Time

Everyone has gone through creative blocks during work. If you feel stuck and can’t decide on something, you should never hesitate to ask for feedback. You can involve other team members and ask them what decision you should make. You can also take help from other professional video editors in online communities. Getting honest and objective feedback can help you put out excellent work.

Break Your Project Up

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to complete all your editing in one sitting. You should always allow yourself to take breaks while working. Setting different goals for your project can help you and you can ensure that you are meeting your daily goals. When you break your project up into multiple parts, it makes the work feel less hectic and you are less likely to get burnout. 

Create A Timetable

Setting a timetable for your work can help you streamline the workflow and make your day more productive. It is easy for anyone to get distracted during work hours and waste time. However, if you follow a timetable and set a fixed time for your work, you are less likely to waste time. With a timetable, you will not feel rushed and you will be able to complete the project on time. 

Use Professional Video Editing Software

Using the best professional video editing software can help you out more than anything else. It helps in streamlining your workflow and making your work more efficient. Professional video editing software and tools have numerous features that speed up your editing process and make it more straightforward. 

5 Best Professional Video Editing Software 

1.    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best professional video editing software for amateur and professional video editors. It contains all the features that enable you to carry out the editing process without facing any hiccups.

It is one of the affordable professional video editing tools. Adobe Premiere Pro CC has a solid fan base, and people who use it swear by it. This professional video editing software is only growing in popularity with each passing day due to the innovative updates that are constantly being released.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables you to color match and carry out multiple-camera rendering seamlessly. The interface is simple and easy to work with, even for amateur video editors. This tool has a wide range of features and the rendering speed is also fast.

2.    Final Cut Pro

Final cut pro is Apple’s gift to the world of professional video editing. This tool has a wide variety of features that make it incredibly easy for editors to color correct, color grade, add other visual effects, and carry out other adjustments that need to be made.

Final Cut Pro also provides you with a vast library and enables you to integrate various plugins. With this professional video editing software, you can render multi-camera videos at high speeds.

FCP also supports HDR and 360-degree VR editing, making it a valuable asset for any professional video editor. The only downside to Final Cut Pro is that it is only available for Mac and iOS users.

3.    Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the best options for people looking for professional video editing software. It has a simple interface which might seem outdated at first, however, once you start using it, it is quite easy to get used to and understand.

Lightworks provides users with a workspace that can be customized based on their needs. It also offers extensive support for format and codec. With the help of Lightworks, you can make the editing process easier.

It contains a vast array of features and also supports 4K video editing. You can also try the free version of Lightworks to understand how it works and whether or not it matches your needs before you purchase it.

4.    Avid Media Composer 

If you have been in the field of professional video editing, there is a high chance that you have already heard about Avid Media Composer. It is the most preferred professional video editing software that is used by editors working on massive Hollywood movies.

You can download Avid Media Composer for free and get a subscription. It also comes with a wide range of features that are built-in and you can use it for advanced color correction. Avid Media Composer offers HDR and multi-camera editing. It is one of the best professional video editing software for people who are starting out and want to learn more.

5.    EDIUS

EDIUS is the most used professional video editing software by broadcasters. It has a strong following and editors who use EDIUS would not leave it for any other tool. EDIUS offers a wide range of tools and features that can make the editing process more streamlined and straightforward.

EDIUS offers support for multiple video formats. It is one of the fastest professional video editing software, and the rendering speed is incredible. It has a flexible workflow and enables you to edit 4K and HDR videos at a high speed.

Final Takeaway

Professional video editing is one of the most crucial aspects of video production. It is essential and brings the entire video together. Professional video editing covers the visual and audio elements of the video. There are various ways in which you can make this process more straightforward, including using professional video editing software.

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