Our top screenwriting tips for writing a better movie

November 2nd, 2020  |  by amaliehluthra

Top screenwriting tips:

Writing a script is not an easy task. But when you finish that script, it’s incredibly fulfilling. There’s nothing better than finishing your script and reading back your masterpiece. However, there are a few stumbling blocks you may encounter on your road to completing your script.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you write a great script—a script with compelling characters, exciting action, and one that will sell.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the tips that will ensure you write a better movie!

Create a plan

Whether it’s a film overview, a synopsis, or a film treatment - a plan must be put in place. The reason for this is to give you some structure to plot your idea and explore it before you begin writing.

It’s the time when you need to start creating additional dimensions for your lead character and their supporting co-stars. Add extra dimensions to them, plot out where they’re starting in their journey and where they need to get to.

It will also help you overcome writer’s block. The reason is when you get stuck or lost amidst the story; you can fall back on your overview and get yourself back on track. It’s brilliant if you have time pressures or just looking to write your first script.

Develop a complete character

Developing a complete character will carry your story, add depth to it, and keep the reader glued to your script. You need to understand how your character operates, what’s their daily routine, and ask yourself, “how do they behave on a regular basis?”.

Their actions will speak volumes higher than their dialogue, so make sure you have your character developed to the most significant detail. This will bring your script to life. 

Our top screenwriting tips for writing a better movie

Gather useful research

Gathering research on your character is imperative to developing your script. For example, if they’re a truck driver by day - reach out to a truck driver and find out what their daily routine is. Make the character believable… Well, to a point, as if they’re a superhero by night, the truck driver you interview may not be able to help!

If your characters a detective, read some detective books, follow some crime documentaries, or even research some old files.

These practices will help you in understanding the character and delivering a fully developed character for the audience to root for. 

Remember to force your protagonist into action

Make them fall into the action, whether it’s an unexpected twist or they have their hand turned to jump full throttle into it. Never let them drift into it as it won’t bring out the excitement of the action for the audience. You want them to fly into it - it will make for an exciting twist at the end of Act 1.

Write compelling dialogue

Writing compelling dialogue is imperative to creating an interesting character and a great script. You need them to have meaningful dialogue that fits their persona but also works with the story.

Well written dialogue can bring out the best in the scene and move it from good to great. Ensure the words are crafted well and are poignant.


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