Filmmaking London: How to meet filmmakers

September 13th, 2021  |  by maria

Filmmaking London: How to meet filmmakers

In the filmmaking industry, networking plays a crucial role. Just like other careers where you must network to connect and learn more about the industry, filmmakers also have to meet and network. Irrespective of whether you study filmmaking in London or not, you need to learn about where to meet other filmmakers in London.

The good thing is, there are numerous events organised and attended by thousands of filmmakers from the UK and beyond. Attending such events will elevate your experience and help you connect with the who’s who in the filmmaking industry.

Here are some of the renowned and emerging places to meet filmmakers in London:

Film festivals

Film festivals are one of the natural places where you can meet filmmakers. Usually happening every year, film festivals will bring you closer to your preferred filmmakers. It will also help showcase your work in one of the festivals, as it is a good icebreaker.

The contacts you get from the film festivals in London and beyond will go a long way in ensuring that you kick start your filmmaking career. When sticking up a conversation, it’s always good to remain respectful and natural. Coming off as clingy will hurt your chances of success.

Online platforms

There are a lot of online sites and platforms that bring together like-minded people. Here you will find people ready and willing to share insights, ideas, and projects in the film industry. The platforms, usually organised and run by fellow filmmakers, can be a good source of great insights and trends in the industry. You can create powerful and long-lasting relationships that will help you make and promote your films.

Film academy

There are lots of film schools and academies all over London as the famous London Film Academy. Why an academy, yet you have no interest in learning? Well, film academies organise numerous film events that bring on board both established and emerging filmmakers. The events are action-packed and will help you in your quest to network and get valuable connections.

Film clubs

Filmmakers looking to make a shot in the industry are better placed in film clubs. The clubs organise and bring together numerous people from the industry. From directors to producers to actors, film clubs will bring lots of industry themed professionals. Everyone interested in filmmaking can join and enjoy some of the best networking events in London. The clubs will also give you exclusive access and forefront in terms of gigs and software updates. Joining them means you get to be constantly updated.

Film release

When a new film or show is about to hit the theatres, you can use that time to meet and interact with the cast and all involved. Appreciating other filmmakers' work will go a long way in boosting their careers and somewhat yours. Dress up, show up and have a good time in London theatres and film places. Have some positive feedback about the show and chat with the filmmakers as they share their journeys.

Social media

Thanks to social media, you can now meet and interact with people virtually. Social media platforms offer filmmakers a chance to exchange notes and ideas, which would have somehow not been possible. Join social media platforms for filmmakers in London and interact with the best minds in the industry.

Whether it's on Facebook, Tik Tok or Twitter, filmmakers organise themselves in productive groups to help boost their careers. Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram are also working well for many filmmakers across the city.

Simply avoid sharing your unfinished work here, as you can create many unwanted conflicts in the future.

Our Final Thoughts

Filmmakers need each other to boost their careers. Yes, you are in the same industry, but rather than seeing each other as rivals, you are better off helping each other.

Exchanging ideas, taking notes, correcting each other, positively criticising each other’s work. Working together has more benefits than doing it alone.

Hence the need to have the best filmmakers on your contact list. Networking has been an effective way of boosting one’s career and getting necessary connections in the industry.

Every filmmaker needs to network irrespective of where they are in their careers. Even the most skilled and established filmmakers need others to maintain their careers. Remember each one teaches one philosophy? It also applies to filmmakers.

You can learn something new from anyone in the industry hence the need to meet others in the industry.


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