Filmmaking Equipment: What You Must Have

May 24th, 2021  |  by amaliehluthra

Must have filmmaking equipment:

Filmmaking is demanding and will push you to your limits. You need to bring your A-game to make it work. One way to do so is by having the right film equipment. Filmmaking requires a ton of equipment, most of which will leave you with a big hole in your budget.

Don’t worry, though, as there is filmmaking equipment you can buy with a tight budget. Here is a list of the filmmaking equipment you just have to have to make a film;

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Sound Equipment
  • Light and Reflectors
  • Editing software
  • Storage

All this seems like an uphill task, especially when you are getting them. The best way to go about it is to divide them into two; pre-production or production and post-production.

Here is the equipment’s you need for pre-production;


You need a camera to shoot a film. The best cameras come with hefty price tags and can be out of reach for most filmmakers. Though expensive, they a pretty good job and give you good value for money. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are the most preferred as it’s easier to change lenses. Camcorders are perfect for shooting documentaries, live events and other vital shoots. You can also go for Osmo Pocket or G80/G85 as they do a decent job.


To save on cost, some filmmakers opt for mirrorless cameras and buy the lenses separately. Getting a separate lens is cost-saving and allows you to purchase the lenses according to your needs. A good option is the kit zoom lens, with a 50mm lens being an affordable option.

Sound equipment

The sound makes a big difference in films. For that to happen, you need the right, if not the best, sound equipment. Microphones are essential in bettering your film sound. Whether you choose to have them separate or with cameras. Lav microphones, which are attached to clothes, are often the best kind. Directional microphones are also an option.

Light and light reflectors

A poorly lit scene can separate a pro filmmaker and an amateur.  Light is critical. It’s the life in the story. Beginners can go with 5-in-one reflectors and build from there. Work lamps are also a good option, with LED panels being one of the best. Another light option is the CFL softbox which is perfect for a standard studio set-up.

Now that you have the right equipment for pre-production and post-production, you can go ahead and shoot your film. Once that’s done, you need to edit your work. You still need the best editing equipment. Here are some of the must-have post-production equipment;


Try Mac computers for video editing tasks. They are the most common brand in the film industry as they are used right from the big production companies to amateur filmmakers. Storage space and processing powers are pretty critical in video editing. With 4K shoots, you need good specs in computers, or otherwise, you will spend ages trying to edit films.

As laptops are considerably more expensive than desktops, you can opt for the latter. This sacrifices portability but saves on the budget.

Editing software

A computer is nothing if you don’t have the best editing software. Again, considering your budget, you can go for the free trial editing programs or buy the premium versions. Some of the free versions include iMovie from Mac, VN Video Editor, and DaVinci Resolve.

For the paid options, go for Adobe Premiere though it has monthly subscriptions. The Final Cut Pro X is another great option to have and relatively cheaper than Adobe as you only have to pay a one-off fee.  If you are looking for a powerful tool, the Adobe Premium Pro CC is a must-have. It is a trailblazer in the industry and will give you all you need. Filmmakers love it as it integrates easily with CC apps which makes it lucrative.

For editing software with cloud storage space, try Premium Rush.


Now that you have done most of the work, the only remaining bit is the storage. Get hard drives as they are cheaper options for external storage. SSDs are better options and are more flexible than hard drives but are pretty expensive. For the more significant projects, go for cloud storage which is offered in most editing software. It is also easier to retrieve the films anywhere without travelling with external hard disks and SSDs.

Parting shot

A film is only as good as the equipment. You can have the world’s best storyline, but the film may fail to achieve its maximum potential without the right pieces of equipment. Invest in the right equipment!


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