YouTube Success: Tips to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

June 28th, 2021  |  by amaliehluthra

YouTube looks enticing and fun from the outside. But what most YouTubers don't tell you is the amount of work that goes in before a YouTube channel becomes a hit.

As a beginner, you can head over here and get all the necessary tips, but monetizing your YouTube channel will take more than consistently posting content or copying what other Youtubers are doing. Here are ways you can become a Youtube success and earn from your channel;

It All Starts with Great Content

People love great content. It's a simple as that. That's why you will find a YouTube channel of an unknown person doing well than most known brands—why, posting great content.

Having a good schedule is great. Posting your videos at the same time over and over again is even better. But you know what tops all of that? Great content. Whatever niche you're in, be the best. Research what people are looking for and do it better.

Privacy is a Real Thorn

Hey you football lovers. Football YouTube channels, as with most sports, are quite common. People love football. They will watch a game, have it on repeat and check the highlights on YouTube. But creating a football YouTube channel to tap into this market can be a real handful.

Privacy issues are a real hindrance as TV and streaming giants will have your content removed in no time. Before posting anything on your channel, remember to be on the good side of privacy.

Video Quality

As a beginner Youtuber, you need to have decent videos. It's okay to shoot videos with your phone as some are good enough, but as you grow, you need better equipment. It's time to invest in outstanding equipment and software. Buy a good DSLR, microphones, tripods, editing software, a drone (if need be), a good workstation or laptop, lighting, and more.

If people are to be hooked to your YouTube channel, you must give them excellent services. It may take time and lots of resources, but start small and build from there. We promise it will be a worthy investment.

Start a Bold Marketing Plan

In a sea full of similar products, choose to be different. Choose to market your channel. While most beginners believe a YouTube channel will grow itself, the pros know a lot of marketing is needed. Start with cross-section marketing with your other social media platform. Let your other followers know about your channel.

Collaborate with other YouTube channels with the aim of promoting each other. Work out a winnable plan for both parties and run with it.

Give Influencer Marketing a Chance

There may be a certain vibe about influencer marketing that doesn't sit well with most people. But irrespective of what some people think, influencer marketing still works. You can use some of the most respectable and trusted in your industry to market your brand.

Keep your wits about you, as not every YouTuber with a huge following can be an influencer. Some might do more harm than good. Again, with influencers, you need to time it right. One bad wave with the influencer and your brand with take a hit.


Most people assume that search engine optimization only affects websites and other social medial platforms. But lo and behold, you need SEO for YouTube.

Ranking higher on search results should be higher up on your to-do list. With more visibility, you can do everything you want with the channel. It all starts with creating good content and building from there. YouTube SEO grows with writing captivating meta descriptions, metadata, playlists, and more. Simply put, it's about helping people find your videos.

Keep Going

YouTubers need to remain relevant, and for that to happen, they need to be current. As mentioned, running a YouTube channel is a lot of work. And for you to earn from it, you need to keep going. Start by keeping in touch with your viewers and what they are saying. Add helpful and current information to your videos to keep them from coming back for more.

In this digital age, everything is fast-paced, and things quickly change. Information can quickly become relevant and, at the same time, irrelevant. All you have to do is keep going. Be ever on the hunt for good and relevant info and content. Something that will positively impact your viewers. Let them see your channel as a source of incredible information.

Our final thoughts

Monetizing your YouTube channel is the end goal for many. But before you get to be a constant earner, ensure that you give it your all. Create good content for people, and they will surely reward you.


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