The ULTIMATE Guide to Growing your YouTube Channel

August 24th, 2021  |  by maria

The ULTIMATE Guide to Growing your YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel with a huge following and millions of views is a dream for many. But what many aspiring YouTube channel owners don't factor in is the amount of hard work and persistence that comes with that.

Millions of subscribers and views for your content doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a result of guesswork. It takes planning and strategic moves.

Check out these actions that will help you ace in your YouTube channel: The ULTIMATE Guide to Growing your YouTube Channel.

Make authentic content

If there is something that Google, Youtube, and other online search engines value is authenticity. Growing your channel means doing something that no other channel is doing.

Of course, you could be in the same niche, but your channel should offer others unique, relevant, and helpful information.

See it this way, will your content add value to the views, or is it general info they already knew? Answering that will give you a good sense of where your channel is heading.

Titles, titles, titles

This is where the rubber meets the road for all youtube videos.

The title you put down will determine if people will see it or will ignore it. Therefore, you must get it right with the tags. Otherwise, people will be skipping your content.

Tell potential views what your video is all about from the start, and don’t turn to clickbait.

Write compelling titles that will grab the attention and arouse the curiosity of viewers without giving spoilers.

Think SEO

Most people assume that search engine optimisation is only meant for websites and blogs. But did you know that Youtube videos appear in over 70% of all Google searches?

With this kind of exposure, you need to think critically about optimising your videos.

The titles you write for every video should be highly optimised. In addition, the titles and descriptions should be optimised with keywords and phrases.

Tags and categories should also match the keywords just to help locate your audience.

And it’s not just titles and descriptions only; the video should also contain the keywords.

Make a point of mentioning the keywords often in your video to give search engines what your video is all about.

Use thumbnails to your advantage

Thumbnails are very significant to any youtube video. This is because Youtube automatically assigns your Youtube videos a thumbnail from the video.

They have to take a random screenshot of the video and use it as a thumbnail. The problem with this approach is, the thumbnail can be just about anything, from camera shifting angles to awkward angles.

Rather than doing that, it’s better to take charge of your thumbnail. Use the thumbnail as your way to attracting people to see your videos.

You can design a thumbnail from scratch containing all the essential info about your video. Or you can use a clear and pitch-perfect screenshot of your video. Something that will give your viewers valuable information about what the video is all about.

Try cross-promotion

Cross promotions work in various capacities. If you have other digital platforms like social media or websites, you can always drop links to your Youtube videos there.

The thing with cross-promotion is that you want to get as many views as possible from different sources.

The cross-promotion also works with your different youtube videos. Make a point of promoting your videos in the earlier videos.

It’s a trick that can help boost viewers and show them different types of videos on your channel. Then, add the video links to the videos and have a call to action to help draw attention to your other videos.

Call to action

It’s common to have people watch your videos without doing much afterward—no likes or comments, or subscriptions. While you cannot fault them for doing that, it takes a lot of reminding to boost your subscription rates.

Gently remind people to like, comment, and share your content. It may sound simple and cliche, but it works. Then, give a solid call to action that will remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

But there is a catch. If you do it hurriedly or in a nagging way, people will feel irritated and won’t do anything you tell them. Instead, include the call to action somewhere within the video and have people take action.

Our final thoughts

Youtube channels take time and effort to grow. Keep promoting your channel as you make more content, and in the end, it can all work out. It may be discouraging at first, putting all that effort and getting nothing in return, but with the above steps it surely will work out.


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