The top filmmaking YouTube channels to help improve your craft

February 8th, 2021  |  by amaliehluthra

Top filmmaking YouTube channels:

Over the years, YouTube has got stronger and stronger, and one of the most popular genres is filmmaking tips. Whether it’s storytelling to editing, there is a YouTube channel out there to cater for you.

The main reason to mention this is that YouTube is an incredibly great source for education, well, for filmmaking anyway. Here we have experts sharing their expert advice, allowing you to become a more well-rounded filmmaker for no extra cost.

The amount of editing tutorials that have helped me in post-production and ultimately teach me how to be a better editor is enormous. There are also fantastic screenwriting tutorials, story creation idea, rig setups, and so much more.

However, there are many bad ones out there too, so we thought we’d share our favourite filmmaking YouTube channels that will help you improve your filmmaking craft.

Let’s check them out.

Here’s our list of the top filmmaking YouTube channels to help improve your craft.

The top filmmaking YouTube channels to help improve your craft

So here it is, the list of our favourite YouTube channels that will help you improve your craft. We decided to add a mixture of channels to help you develop as an overall filmmaker.

Sydney Baker-Green

First up is Sydney Baker-Green, he offers absolutely everything in his channel. From cinematography setups to colour grading tutorials, Sydney covers most aspects, perfect for any indie filmmaker.

One of our favourites is his DaVinci Resolve colouring tutorials. These are in-depth and offer so much knowledge. You’ll instantly improve your scenes, and it leaves the footage with a cinematic finish.

DaVinci Resolve is great for anyone on a budget as there’s a free edition that offers a full editing setup.

We definitely recommend Sydney’s tutorials and his short films are pretty cool too!

Film Riot

Up next is Film Riot. Film Riots channel is full of cinematic brilliance, but we want to pinpoint their screenwriting tutorials. Their screenwriting tutorials range from beginner tutorials on how to start your first screenplay to story development, helping you take your character dialogue to the next level.

Their video on how to write a screenplay is one of our favourites. It helps you understand the basics and encourages any budding filmmaker to get started.

The structure they offer up within this tutorial is solid and evokes imagination and creativity to get the most out of your idea. If you have writer’s block, this video is one to visit to get the gears in your head whirring.


Lila’s channel is filled with in-depth, Premiere Pro tutorials ranging from tips and tricks to turning your footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

These tutorials are incredibly detailed and help you improve your craft. The colouring tutorials are the ones that stand out to us. The finish on the footage is amazing, and the colour that emanates from the edits is of the highest quality.

This is one channel you must subscribe too; you’ll see your editing skillset skyrocket in no time!


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