The Top Film Marketing Tips

June 14th, 2021  |  by amaliehluthra

The Top Film Marketing Tips:

The filmmaking process is dynamic and vast. Following all the steps in filmmaking and mastering requires grit and passion. Becoming a master filmmaker is an art that will demand a lot of your time, resources, and energy.

Perhaps one of the most ignored steps in the filmmaking process is marketing. Most amateur filmmakers will look at writing, shooting, and editing a film, but few will remember marketing. It's one of the last stages of filmmaking but a crucial one.

Here are pro tips to help you master the art of film marketing;

Start Developing A Marketing Plan Early

To succeed in marketing a film, you need to start early. Once the script is written and roles are set, plan how to sell the movie.

Early planning helps alleviate the pressure that comes with a last-minute rush. Decide on your target market, the audience, culture, social status, gender, the best media, and things like that.

That way, as you are shooting the film, you will have footage you can release early just to get it going.

Build Your Audience

Your audience will play such an essential role in the whole filmmaking process. Build it from the ground up. Don't be afraid to start with your close friends and family.

They may be biased towards you, but they will help shape you as a filmmaker. Build a local audience compromising your crew, local government agencies, local film enthusiasts, and other filmmakers.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Social Media

Social media. Um, where would we be without it?

Do you see how you check your socials now and then? So do millions of people around the world. This is a huge marketing potential for your film.

Social media provides you with a chance to reach millions of people around the world. But as much as it has a huge potential, there is a need to plan wisely. Don't just dump your film on YouTube and expect returns.

Learn to create anticipation so that you will have people ready and waiting by the time the film is released.

Try Mainstream Media

You may have a short film with local backing, but that should not be the ceiling for you. Employ the mantra, "go big or go home", with your film. Approach the mainstream media with your film.

They are constantly hunting good content, so your film may just be the thing they were looking for. Don't be afraid to ask; it may be the big break you are looking for.

Invite Reviews

Feedback is important. Whether positive or negative, it shows the real position of a film and helps the filmmaker know areas to improve.

As a way of marketing your film, ask people to write reviews of the film. It will help shape you as a filmmaker as well as get people to trust you. Reviews are also vital in social media marketing as they help in ranking better on search engines such as Google.

Diversify Your Marketing Methods

Diversity is key. It will help you tap into many fronts at a go. No one route is guaranteed to bring you success when it comes to film marketing.

You need to try different ways. Most filmmakers assume that it will work for them all since one marketing method worked on one film. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn't work like that. Try many different marketing channels. The more successful they get, the better.

Set Aside A Budget

Marketing is an expensive affair. It will take a lot of resources to market your film. But it will be worth it. When developing a marketing plan, and looking for funds for your movie, include your marketing costs. As we mentioned, marketing a film needs to start early.

As you set the budget, set the funds for marketing aside. Spending the marketing funds on the pre-production or production stage is quite common in the industry. In the end, most filmmakers tend to have no funds left for marketing plans. A costly blunder that ruins the chances of the film's success.

Study What Others Are Doing

We know we said that copy-pasting might not work, and that remains true. But it doesn't hurt to learn what others are doing and applying it to your film.

However, remember one thing, customisation, customisation, customisation! Any plan elsewhere can also work for you if you customise it. Bring it down to your level, check the crucial factors for you and build from there.


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