Micro-budget filmmaking - the drawbacks and workarounds

June 15th, 2018  |  by perlatkociaj

Shoestring Budget Filmmaking

Simon Cade of DSLRguide takes up the challenge of making a film using cheap camera equipment in his latest video. As we all know, famous filmmakers have been renowned to say things like "it doesn't matter what camera you have, just go out and shoot!". That's easy to say but in reality the majority of budding filmmakers do care about the camera. They want the "cinematic" look and they want it bad! Simon Cade sets out to show us how to shoot a film using cheap camera equipment and putting the right amount of effort in the right places to get good results and tell a story. Despite the drawbacks of a non-removable battery, an actor unable to make the shoot and a very tight schedule Simon gives us tips on how to overcome some of these issues or work around them.

For the post-production process Simon shows us why he used the free software HitFilm Express. He also showcased his use of Filmstro to score music to his short film. You can try Filmstro for free here and you'll get instant access to 5 FREE tracks to use on any of your film and video projects or check out the royalty free music library.

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