Everything You Need To Know About The Best Picture Nominations For Oscars 2022

March 8th, 2022  |  by maria

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Picture Nominations For Oscars 2022 -

The Oscars are right around the corner, and, like always, everyone has something to say about the best picture nominations. Some of the favorites got a nod from the Academy, while other favorites got snubbed.

Just like every other Oscars season, the hype around Oscars 2022 best picture nominations is also immense. Because of the world being in lockdown for most of the year, most of us only had the pleasure of watching the best picture nominations from the comfort of our sofas.

However, just because we never went to the cinema to watch these movies does not mean we enjoyed them any less, or in other cases, detested them any less than usual.

Of course, the pandemic has been brutal for every industry, including Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to witness some of the finest performances in stellar movies all through the year, even if they were released on streaming platforms.

One thing is for sure: all of us love cinema and enjoy making our own predictions. In fact, we are confident that most of you started making your predictions as soon as the Oscars’ best picture nominations for 2022 were released. This is why here we are today to give our two cents on the best picture nominees for 2022.

But before we get into the details of all the nominated movies, let’s talk a little about what the Oscars are.

About The Oscars (Academy Awards)

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Picture Nominations For Oscars 2022

The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, have established themselves as the most prestigious award ceremony in Hollywood for decades. Everyone in the film industry strives to win an Oscar all their career. Whether it is costume designers, special effects artists, editors, screenwriters, directors, actors, everyone wants to win an Oscar.

The Oscars started in 1927, yes, since the silent film era. The nominees and winners have always been chosen by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS). The Academy has around ten thousand members. These members represent around seventeen different branches of the film industry. Some of the branches represented by the members of the Academy include:

  • Actors
  • Cinematographers
  • Directors
  • Associates
  • Casting directors
  • Costume designers
  • Documentary
  • Film editors
  • Makeup and hairstyles
  • Executives
  • Public relations and marketers
  • Actors’ representatives
  • Production design
  • Producers
  • Music
  • Feature animation
  • Short films
  • Sound
  • Visual effects
  • Writers

The hype around Oscars 2022 is increasing with each passing day. This year’s Oscars are scheduled to be held on the 27th of March. People are excited to find out who the Academy thinks is worthy of winning the biggest accolade of the year. Of course, everyone has their own favorites and the movies they are rooting for.

Every Oscars season comes with its fair share of uproar and disappointment, especially when the fan favorites don’t end up winning. However, the excitement of the award season really makes you realize how beautiful movies are and how many lives they touch each year.

Oscars Best Picture Nominations 2022

So, let’s get into the movies that stood out the most this year and got everyone talking.

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Picture Nominations For Oscars 2022


Perhaps the biggest surprise in the Oscars 2022 best picture nominations, CODA is a story about Ruby Rossi, the only member of a deaf family who has the ability to hear. The movie is a heartfelt and touching story about a girl who is hardworking and is living her life for her family, trying her best to keep the family’s fishing business afloat.

The movie tells the story of Ruby finding her passion in the form of the art of choir. It is an Apple TV+ production, showing us once again that the streaming platform is establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with. The journey of a restless teenager, Ruby, has resonated with many people and the movie has been showered with praise and love everywhere.

Don’t Look Up

When it comes to the Oscars 2022 best picture nominees, Don’t Look Up is probably the most debated entry on the list. This Netflix movie garnered mixed reviews from people everywhere, and the nomination for the most prestigious award has been second-guessed by critics.

Don’t Look Up is a satire about the cynicism of mass media and how power-hungry tech companies are running on corruption. This apocalyptic tale had a massive list of A-list stars in the cast, and the expectations everyone had from the movie were immensely high.

The movie was about how Jennifer Lawrence’s character discovers an impending comet strike and works along Leonardo Dicaprio’s character to try and save the world. However, Dicaprio’s character gets swayed by the success and fame that is given to him by the leaders of the country.


Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast received a lot of acclaim from the audience as well as the critics. The coming-of-age movie is a comedy-drama about growing up in Ireland and what life holds for the characters. The movie was well-liked and enjoyed by people, and it was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Not only was Belfast nominated in the best picture category, but Kenneth Branagh also received nominations in the categories of best director and best original screenplay. The supporting actors, Judi Dench and Ciaran Hinds, were also nominated in the best supporting actress and actor categories of the Academy Awards, respectively.


Dune was one of the most appreciated high-budget movies of last year. It was highly anticipated, and fans all over the world were blown away by the visuals of the movie. In a year of uncertainties and ups and downs of the cinema, Dune was a blockbuster hit, and people flocked to the theatres to watch even though it was released on streaming platforms as well.

The film has Timothee Chalamet’s Paul Atreides at the center of it. It follows Paul and his parents as they travel to the city of Arrakis. The city of Arrakis is loaded with resources yet plagued with dangerous sand-dwellers. It is not the safest city to reside in for Paul, but at the same time, it is nothing compared to the storm that is Harkonnen.

Drive My Car

Drive My Car is a critically acclaimed Japanese movie. It has been showered with praises by everyone who has watched it, and there is no lack of love for this film. Drive My Car is not only nominated in the best picture category but also for the best international feature film and best adapted screenplay. The director of Drive My Car, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, is also nominated for the Oscar for the best director.

This movie is a touching story about a widowed actor who has to face the harsh realities of life and death. Drive My Car shows how the aging actor finds a 20-something-year-old girl and develops an interesting dynamic with her. The girl goes on to show him how there are always better times ahead and brings back something he had lost completely: hope.

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Picture Nominations For Oscars 2022 [Focus Features/Apple TV+, Netflix, Janus Films & Sideshow, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Searchlight Pictures, Netflix, 20th Century Films via AP]

King Richard

King Richard is the movie that has gotten Will Smith another best actor nomination. The film, like some other Will Smith movies, has a strong and heartfelt message. It is a movie that makes you feel good when you watch it and realize how hard these real-life people worked to get where they are now.

Yes, that is right, King Richard is based on the life and struggles of tennis sensations Serena and Venus Williams and their father, Richard Williams. The movie follows the life of Richard Williams. He puts his life and soul into training his daughters to become tennis legends and two of the most illustrious sports personalities in history. King Richard shows how arduous the journey was for the Williams family and how much effort and hard work was put in by all of them.

Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley is a beautiful period piece by the acclaimed Guillermo Del Toro. The movie has an astounding cast that has all shown brilliant performances. Nightmare Alley also has some of the most visually appealing production designs out of all the films in the Oscars 2022 best picture nominations.

Nightmare Alley follows Bradley Cooper as Stanton Carlisle, who is nothing but a conman. He aspires to make a name for himself as a clairvoyant, and we embark on this journey with him. However, he ends up in murky waters when he teams up with a rich doctor to scam a tycoon.

Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza is one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpieces. It has all the trademarks of the director and some of the most powerful moments in all of cinema last year. The movie follows 15-year old Gary Valentine and 25-year old Alana Kane. It is a story about how both of them travel in and out of each other’s lives over a period of time.

Like all other Paul Thomas Anderson films, Licorice Pizza is also a movie made on a massive scale. Although we follow the lives of two characters, the realism of all the elements of this movie makes us feel like we are watching someone’s real-life play out in front of our eyes.

West Side Story

Steven Spielberg is a director that everyone anticipates. People are always eager to see what he will bring to the screen as a director, and he did not let anyone down with West Side Story. Although it is a story that has been done before, and numerous times at that, it still stole the show for all critics.

West Side Story is a musical that is a retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet. However, this movie takes place in New York between street gangs who are rivals. Things take an exciting turn when a member of one of the gangs falls in love with the sister of a rival gang member.

The Power Of The Dog

Perhaps you can say we saved the best for the last, but The Power Of The Dog is the movie with the most Oscar nominations in 2022. With the number of nominations the film has received, it is clear that the movie is bound to take one award home.

The Power Of The Dog is a movie about two brothers living on a ranch, Phil and George Burbank. Phil is a cruel person and has an adverse reaction when George brings a woman and her son to the ranch often. However, the movie shows that things don’t always turn out the way we want, and justice is always served.

Final Takeaway

The excitement for Oscars 2022 is at its peak. People are eager to find out who will be taking home the top honors of the night. The best picture nominations for this year are all excellent in their own way and deserve the recognition they are getting.

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