Every screenwriting type you SHOULD know

August 1st, 2021  |  by maria

Every screenwriting type you SHOULD know.

Scriptwriting plays such a crucial role in any film or play. It's probably the most important part of any film, even though many spectators won't know about it.

Big budget films hire a team of scriptwriters to come up with every bit of the script. But if you have a small budget, you can still write your script.

Since there are different types of films and plays, there are different scripts for different films.

Here we have very screenwriting type you SHOULD know:


A play is a production that's performed on a stage before a live audience. Unlike film or TV shows performed on a metaphoric stage, a play is done in theatres.

When writing a play script, you will include the dialogue and descriptions of each part of the play. On top, you’ll also include character names and their directions, as well as including stage names, directions, and instructions.

For example: “the characters leave the stage, and the curtain falls.”


A screenplay is a play that is produced visually. Screenplays include films and TV shows, basically anything that will require cameras and other equipment to transmit.

Most screenplays are works of friction or can borrow a leaf from actual events to tell a story. When writing a screenplay, be sure to include character, dialogue, settings, and camera instructions.

On top of that, editing instructions may be included to help directors and characters change the script accordingly. Most screenplays are edited and produced differently from the script.

Audio drama

Apart from screen and script plays, another form of play borrows from both: audio drama. The main aspect of an audio drama is that they use a narrator to give another perspective.

 When writing an audio drama script, be sure to include more descriptive language than you would on a normal script. The main purpose of this is to include scripts with more settings to ensure a smooth flow of the audio drama.

Apart from the character’s dialogue, the script also needs to have instructions audio components to help the narrator deliver the drama in its desired form.

News scripts

When news anchors are providing live broadcasts, there is a need to have a well-orchestrated script. In most cases, the script is delivered through teleprompters, and the script needs to have the relevant information content.

When writing a news script, be sure to include additional information like when a clip starts or ends. These bits of additional info are meant for behind the scene crew.

Feature film

A standard feature film will run for about 120 minutes. This translated to about 120 pages of script, given that each minute equates to 1 page of the script. One or two writers write most feature film scripts with much editing, especially by the cast or production team. When starting as a scriptwriter, your scripts will undergo lots of editing and cutting to fine-tune the work.


As the name suggests, these are usually short projects involving a big team or big budget.

Mostly, the scriptwriter maybe doubling up as the director or producer and have a small crew.

The writer may collaborate with the teams involved to bring out the best in the project. Most mini-series are episodic, with the recommended length being 5-10 minutes for every episode.

Video games

Video games have continued to evolve, with more sophisticated games hitting the screen. Video game scripts are more developed than a standard film, and though they follow a standard plot, there is provision for a moment-to-moment decision by the players.

When writing video games, the writer works closely with the project directors and designers. Here, no one can do-it-all, and lots of teamwork is needed. Depending on the game and main stories, the script can run in vast directions, making the scripts quite long.

Video content

In an era where social media marketing is taking over, there is a need to have scripts of short video content. In most cases, the video content runs for a few minutes.

The main purpose is to pass the message as fast as possible without going overboard. The budgets are small, and solo scriptwriters can work on a few projects at a go.

 Since most video content promotes goods or services, the script is well anchored on marketing principles.


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