Covid update: We've made our monthly subscriptions the most affordable ever

November 18th, 2020  |  by amaliehluthra

Most affordable monthly subscriptions:

Good news

And let's face it, there's not been much of that around lately has there? We've reduced our prices for all of our monthly subscriptions. We now have our most affordable monthly subscriptions ever! We decided that it's important for young creators - especially those Gen Z's hardest hit by this Pandemic - to have access to creative tools to tell their stories. And that includes music.

New prices

So, we've decided to row back our prices for the YOUTUBER monthly, the PRO monthly and the PRO PLUS monthly to make that a reality. You can now get your hands on unlimited music for just $14.99 for a month's subscription if you're looking for music for your short films or Youtube videos. And that can be cancelled anytime. For commercial use, you'll need a PRO license which, for one month, is $37.99. And if you're looking to put your content into radio or TV broadcast channels then the PRO PLUS is the right license for you at $74.99 for one month.

Same great license

All of the license terms remain the same. It's just the prices that have changed. So, as before, all of our music is still cleared worldwide and in perpetuity, even after you cancel. So you needn't worry about take down notices or renewal payments to make sure your films live forever. 

New prices for new AND current customers

We also want to point out that these price changes apply across the board. Anybody who wants to take out a new license from now (November 2020) will benefit. However, we are also transitioning every single customer who's on our old prices to these new ones too!

Here's to more good news as we enter 2021 and finally put this pandemic behind us. In the meantime, good luck and happy editing!

Seb Jaeger - Founder of Filmstro


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