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Ben Hayden

Tiana by Ben Hayden is a contemplative and emotional track featuring a gentle piano melody, swelling orchestra, and ethereal choir of gods. With a mix of melancholic and hopeful tones, this cinematic piece is perfect for reflective and introspective scenes in film and TV projects from the mid to late 2000s. The atmospheric and dreamy sound, combined with ambient synth pads and string melodies, creates a sense of vastness and awe, making it ideal for videos in the Awesome Nature genre.
  • KEY
  • Gm
  • 120BPM
  • TAGS
  • black ops, Choir Of Gods, Cinematic, Clandestine operations, Classified maneuvers, Covert Ops, Espionage, Fallen Comrades, hidden, Orchestral, secret missions, Sneak, stealth, stealthy endeavors, Swelling Orchestra, undercover activities

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by Ben Hayden

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