The top transitions in Premiere Pro

June 9th, 2020  |  by Eva

Understanding the top transitions in Premiere Pro is integral for every filmmaker. Finding new and creative ways to edit your footage is a must.

You want to know what the top transitions in Premiere Pro are since video is always evolving and as an indie filmmaker, YouTuber or content creator you’ll want to add another dimension to your footage to spice it up and tell your story uniquely.

This is where transitions come into play. Creative and smooth interchanges are one of the best ways to keep your story flowing, keeping your viewers gripped to the edge of their seats. Here are a few transitions to check out:

Women on laptop editing video

Seamless Transitions by Pixel Samy

Pixel Samy’s transitions are fun and perfect for travel footage and vlogging. They add another dimension to your footage and interchange smoothly with each other.

These transitions create a ghostly flip from one piece of footage to the other, allowing the story to flow. It’s best to layer the footage as it transitions to ensure it moves as smooth as possible and you don’t have any overhang on your footage.


The transitions from FilmImpact come in a pack of 4. This pack comes with intricately designed transitions that are both creative but minimalist, and can provide an extra dimension to your filmmaking and really capture the story for a short or feature film.

These are easy to use and provide you with high quality, functional transitions.

Motion Array

Motion Array has a huge variety of effects and interactive tools to edit your photos and video, but the transitions they provide are another level. The plugin is simple to set up and provides a user with a vast range of interesting transitions.

One of our favourite things about Motion Array is the fact they are so simple to use. The plugin is built with a drag and drop functionality, allowing you to create a customisable transition in seconds.

Transition Designer Free Wipe

This effect is like the wipe effect already in Premiere Pro, but with this simplistic transition, you have a multitude of options to bring out the transition in more detail. With additional blur effects and quicker/slower wipes, you can nicely compliment your footage with this plugin.

Check out the video tutorial here. The tutorial breaks down the additional effects and shows how you can but a creative spin on your footage with this transition.

Sellfy: Travel Transition pack

One thing we like about these transitions is that they’re not only incredible, but they come with in-depth descriptions to allow the transition to be set up to its optimum level.

The pack comes with four transitions that best suit travel and lifestyle bloggers, but can be used in film, if used in the correct manner. The four transitions are:

  • Luma Fade.
  • Quick Zoom and Motion Blur combined.
  • Smooth Spin and Motion Blur combined.
  • Smooth Warp Transition.

The combinations, especially the Quick Zoom and Motion Blur effects combined, allow for a quick and smooth transition into the next part of your video.

For example, you’re heading to a new country for the next part of your travels and you have the timelapse of the beautiful skies and a chilled-out track playing... a great way to hop to your new scene is through the plane window into the sunset using Quickzoom, it’s a smooth transition into the next chapter and looks incredible.

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