The best storyboarding apps of 2020

May 5th, 2020  |  by Eva

Storyboarding is where you use images to build a scene-by-scene visualisation of your story. Every project should begin with a storyboard to spot any issues before you film and to see if anything’s missing. A storyboard ensures strong communication and transparency with everyone in your production; your vision isn’t only in your head but down on paper, meaning filming and editing will be easy.

There are several storyboarding programs available, so we decided to list the best storyboarding apps of 2020

Shot Pro

Shot pro is one of the preferred storyboarding apps for indie filmmakers. It’s a great tool to use and it’s simple to get started. Shot Pro has many features and one of our favourites is ‘Pro cam’, this feature allows you to mimic real life cameras and sensor types to make your storyboard as accurate as possible.

It also includes a facial recognition system for 3D characters, a set designer function and augmented reality. The price is incredible for all this software can do.

Check out the features here at Shot Pro.

Prices start from $25 for a single license.


StudioBinder’sbest feature is its accessibility. The intuitive software allows you to display each shot with descriptions and notes from the script to bring the storyboard to life, allowing you to flesh out any problems before your shoot.

It’s efficient and great for presenting if you’re seeking funding or are presenting your script to execs.

Check out an overview of their product here.

Price: It’s free for your first 10 panels/board, then $29.

StoryBoard Pro

StoryBoard Pro is a web-based solution for storyboarding. It’s a very simple tool where you import video or images to help build the storyboard for each scene. You can also add notes per frame to help teams collaborate. You can also add sound with each clip or photo to leave notes or build an atmosphere around the imagery.

It’s one of the most basic storyboarding software’s available, but it’s free and does a great job. It’s not fancy, but it gets results. It’s a perfect fit if you are filming your first short film or commercial, as there is no financial outlay.

Price: It’s free!

Artemis Pro

Artemis Pro is an Emmy award-winning app for its contribution to filmmaking. It not only allows you to organise your storyboards, but you can also set up the aspect ratio’s for the images to create a highly detailed and accurate storyboard.

Another feature we love is the ability to colour grade your imagery. They have a feature called “looks” which allows you to bring your scenes to life, combined with the aspect ratios.

Price: One-off payment $30.

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