Choosing music to convey love in different ways

May 10th, 2018  |  by perlatkociaj

Choosing library music for Valentine's Day

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day we thought we'd do a little blog post highlighting what Filmstro has to offer when it comes to conveying the *readies French accent* language of love (listen to our royalty-free romantic music). Here's a short and sweet compilation of our favourite love themes that we suggest taking a look at if you're putting together promo content for Valentine's Day, highlighting a love scene in your short film, or you've forgotten a Valentine's Day present (and flowers from the gas station aren't an option anymore because you got them last week as an apology for tripping over the cat and waking her up after a night out with the lads.) 



Though all of these can be used to convey love they do so in different ways. You have your playful, skipping-through-Paris, wine tasting montage themes like Sagrada. Very typical, but great for creating a light-hearted vibe.

Themes like Siren and Marne are your typical soft focus, lens flare, light leak, lovey-dovey kind of themes. They're gentle and slow. These are actually beautifully versatile too. I'd recommend pulling the Momentum and Power sliders right down to create a nice intimate vibe.

You have your themes like Chaba. Chaba is a typical example of a slow jam. Comprised of bass guitar and wah-wah pedal guitar you're going to need this one for sexy, passion-fuelled scenes. Personally, I hear this music every time I look at a tub of Ben and Jerry's so… whatever works for you.

You might recognise themes like Natadola and Panama as they're Filmstro renditions of absolute orchestral classics; perfect for wedding footage. Especially Ipotane. Brides literally walk down the isle to this one. Speaking of weddings, pretty much all of these (excluding Chaba because that would be weird) work incredibly well with wedding footage. Trust me. We've seen it.

So, I hope this helps as a starting point for choosing music for your 'love' footage… whatever it may be. When it comes to Valentine's Day Filmstro has got you covered. 😉

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