Blackmagic Pocket 4K Camera Smartphone App

May 21st, 2019  |  by perlatkociaj

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was announced in 2018 and has since mid-summer been shipping out to thousands of customers. The demand for this camera has been so big that suppliers are struggling to get this camera out to pre-orders made over a year ago.

For those who have been fortunate to have received theirs, Blackmagic has been regularly been updating the firmware and adding new features and support for this impressive camera. However, Blackmagic aren’t the only ones looking support the BMPCC4K - we’ve seen a handful of smartphone apps that have hit the digital stores that claim to give you access to your camera remotely.

One of these apps really stands out to us: Blackmagic BMPCC 4K Controller developed by SayEffect Tech Solutions. With a clean design and user friendly menus, this app can really change the way you use your camera. The app connects to your phone easily using bluetooth (Yes, the BMPCC4K has built-in Bluetooth).

The app offers the following:

- Start/Stop Recording

- Choose Recording codec/formats - ProRes and BRAW

- Choose Resolution, Frame-rate, Dynamic Range, Detail Sharpening (in ProRes)

- Manage Iris, Shutter and ISO and Auto Exposure (if your lens supports)

- Manage White Balance and Tint

- Lens Control - Focus and Zoom (if your lens supports)

- Play last clip

- Manage Camera LCD Frame Guides

- Manage Clip/Slate + Project and Lens Information

- Rack Focus

- Shutter Angle/Speed suggestions for an FPS as provided by BMPCC4K camera

- Single Click to toggle special off speed - 60/75/100/120

- Mobile Rotation

- Slate Mode - only Slate settings editable

- Customizable Minibar to view and speed click to a particular Setting

- Topbar indicators if enabled in camera - Off Speed, Timelapse, Windowed Mode

The developers are constantly updating the app and releasing new features. So what’s the cost? The app will set you back £6.59 on the Play Store (it’s currently not available on the Apple App Store - but no doubt will come to that in the near future). Download the BMPCC 4K Controller app on the Play Store today!

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