Say hello to the ultimate music workflow

Speed up your post-production music workflow by controlling all three of Filmstro's main parameters at once.

Powered by Web MIDI.

Here's how:

Open the Filmstro Web App

Connect your MIDI controller

Work at the speed of music

Be sure to use Google Chrome. Web MIDI is not supported on Safari for example.

Whatever product you use, as long as it supports MIDI it will work with Filmstro. Please note that continuous rotary knobs or sliders are the best controllers for Filmstro!

Once you've paired your controller with Filmstro's Momentum, Depth and Power (and play/pause/stop) you're ready to create soundtracks at the speed of the music itself!

We're all Composers Now

"If I weren't a Director, I'd want to be a film Composer"

Steven Spielberg

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