Filmstro V3

After 8 years of pioneering adaptive music for visual storytellers, we've returned to our roots and have completely rebuilt our Audio Engine from the ground up. 
Read on to discover three of the exciting features in our upcoming V3 release ...

Draw Emotion!

V3 comes with a powerful new pen tool that allows you to literally draw the emotion of the music; either in real time or offline. This allows you to block in the changes to your entire Soundtrack in seconds. Plus you can change any of it by simply re-drawing or using the sliders to record over any areas that you want to refine further! 

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Set a custom length

V3 fundamentally changes the way to determine the length of your music. If you're working with video then Filmstro automatically matches the music to any video you add to the App. However, if you don't add a video or simply need a bespoke length, you can now set the length to precisely what you need; be that for a 20 second bumper or a 3 minute long-form piece! 

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Add templates directly from the timeline

V3 completely reimagines the access to templates and preset transitions. You can now access these directly from the timeline to add them intuitively to your own selections.

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Dedicated versions, stem groups and more...

V3 represents a line in the sand for us and is the springboard for us to start regularly releasing more features that our community have been requesting. First up will be dedicated versions for the most popular tracks so you can have a perfect 15 second, 30 second and 60 second edit.

We're also working on massively improving the usability of our individual stem control feature with the addition of clearly labelled stem groups for faster muting of parts.

On top of that we have plans for user-generated playlists, not to mention the ability to bring every track to a musical close at any length. This is already working and the UI is currently being built ...

It's time you edited music like you already edit video. Exciting times ahead!

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