Are new Youtubers buying the wrong camera?

June 19th, 2019  |  by perlatkociaj

Since everyone and their grandmothers are on Youtube, the race to make video content better and more engaging has become more ferocious than ever. However, most of us don’t have a huge budget to put into buying camera gear and other equipment that will make us shine like stars! So how do you find a cheap and suitable camera for your Youtube channel? Let me break it down.

Does the camera do what you want it to?

Most people getting in to the Youtube space will know the basics of what they want in their channel (e.g. talking to the camera about your life, or filming a tutorial on how to make homemade chicken nuggets) but you may not necessarily be thinking about the technical side of the camera's capabilities. You need to be asking yourself, do my videos need slow-motion in them? do I want to have extreme close ups and extreme wide shots too? Will I be recording in low lighting situations at times? All of these things (and more) impact the camera you should buy.

Does a popular mean that it's the best?

The most sold camera in America is The Canon T7 and it’s only $399 with a lens. It has an APS-C sensor, EF mount, 24 megapixels and a bunch of other cool specs and often gets purchased by people looking to get in to video. So, is this the right camera for you? Well, it turns out that it’s actually great for photographers and not so much for videographers - the reason being… it doesn’t actually do what videographers want it to. There’s no slow motion on it, no auto-focus, no microphone jack etc.

Is a camera the only thing you’re going to need?

A good camera that does what you need it to is important but it’s also worth thinking about what else you may need to accompany your camera, as this will help you stay in your budget. If you’re going to be doing travel videos, you probably won’t want to be lugging around lighting kits but you may need a monopod or tripod to stabilize your shots. If you’re looking to do videos from your kitchen, you’re probably going to want to buy yourself an affordable lighting kit and a tripod. The point here is, your purchases are based on your needs and although a camera might only cost you $399 - to actually create good content for your Youtube channels that you and your audience will enjoy, you’ll need to think about the extra costs.

Here are some great videos on what cameras are out there for Youtube content creators and how they stack up!


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