4 Awesome transitions to improve your videos and impress your viewers

June 28th, 2019  |  by perlatkociaj

Transitions are so important to any kind of moving image but quite often we don’t really think about it until we’re in the edit. However, with the explosion of youtube videos and the quality of video production, we’re seeing the importance of transitions and how a well implemented transition can become the backbone of the video itself. Some of these creative transitions require us to plan for them during us shooting but it’s definitely worth it.

So here are 4 really cool transitions (and tutorials on how to achieve them) that you can incorporate in to your upcoming videos.

#1 - Lens Cover transition

This transition is very popular among the Youtube community and it’s pretty easy to do. In shot 1 you end the shot by covering the lens with your hand (or something else) until the image is pitch black. Shot 2 starts with the hand or object over the lens already (i.e. pitch black) and then you remove the object/hand to reveal your next shot. The transition happens where the 2 black frames meet.



#2 - Zoom Blur transition

This transition is a great way of keeping a steady pace in your video and taking the viewer between various locations. The shot zooms forward (or backwards) and as it does that, it blurs and arrives at the next shot which is usually framed differently. We see it used a lot in travel videos and if done right, it looks gorgeous. Find out how to make it happen in the video below:


#3 - Mask Out transition

The mask out transition is a slightly more time-consuming one but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll need to keyframe a mask on certain element within your shot that will reveal the next shot. Sound complicated? Check out the following tutorial, it’s really simple!


#4 - Glitch transition

Many of you will remember seeing the glitch transition in hip-hop videos in the mid 2000’s - but it hasn’t disappeared. This transition works really well for product demos or to give a sense of disturbance or futuristic advancement. In order to really make this effect work (as with most other transitions) soundfx are really important. Check out this awesome tutorial: 


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