Halloween Track Pack: 5 Free Spooky Mixes

October 26th, 2018  |  by perlatkociaj

It's a spooky time of year and we've got some new mixes, perfect for setting the scene and building a mood in scary narratives. In this free pack, you'll find:

Lion's Lair - electronic terror for when things turn from bad to worse
Sinkhole - atmospheric high strings and synths for dramatic revelations
Stranger - an 80s-inspired synth track for paranormal events
Tornado - impending doom from a creepy combo of strings, drums and guitar
Volcano - an uneasy, pulsing orchestral build

You can use all of these mixes for free in non-commercial products, and we'd love to see how you use them. Tweet @Filmstro to show us what you get up to!

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5 free spooky tracks


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