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Hello! Below you'll find a little more information about us as a company. What you won't find are smug quotes about what we like doing in our spare time away from Filmstro. You know the ones, like: "When Brad isn't busy making awesome tracks in the Filmstro studio, you can find him Reiki healing his Bonsai tree or making home-brew out of recycled Unicorn tears." - pass us the bucket!

Our Journey so far

We started with an idea in 2014 while trying to figure out how to communicate more effectively with our commercial filmmaking clients when writing music. Talking about music has always been challenging and we wanted a new language to describe what happens in the evolution of a piece of music. In our experiments we stumbled across Momentum, Depth and Power and the sliders were born! With the help of my co-founder and our very first investors, we were able to employ our first hire and build the first version of Filmstro during 2015 and launched in 2016.

Our Journey so far

Since then we've been fortunate enough to attract a roster of talented composers from around the world who have been heroically patient learning how to write music that works in our proprietary adaptive format. These talented writers are the fabric of what makes us a Music Library.

To help them, and to speed up the release of new music, we have since created additional proprietary tools that plug in to Digital Audio Workstations that we've given to our composers to help them create music in the Filmstro format.

All together we now number nearly 200 souls, but that includes our freelance contractors, composers and investors as well; of whom there are many! Our core team is much smaller and is made up of a number of hardworking and dedicated people with very different skill sets. From software development through to music supervision and the full gamut of operational roles, such as accounting, legal, community management, customer support, and so on; all of whom are crucial to making Filmstro a continued success. And of course there's you. Without being too corny about it: without you none of this would be possible either. And we're very grateful you discovered us.




Right, that's it. That's Filmstro in a nutshell.

Do get in touch with any feedback. We always want to know what you like or don't like about Filmstro. And if there's specific music you want, just ask. We always take requests!

Seb Jaeger - Founder

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