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Try the scoring sliders to the left right now to hear for yourself how Filmstro allows you to take control of your soundtrack. 

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Bring your ideas to life in minutes - by yourself! 

Choose a music template - add your video -  and customise it directly in the browser with the Filmstro scoring sliders. 

It's never been easier to create unique music for your projects.

Engage followers with custom music

Feel good about delivering custom music that suits your project. Don't compromise your vision.

Add transitions to edit music as easily as you already edit video. 

Get access to custom music - at stock audio prices - which takes just minutes to create.

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Say goodbye to hours searching through stock audio sites.

Each Filmstro music template comes with a number of useful presets to quickly get you close to the mood you need.

Grab one of our curated templates and start your project now. 

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Just direct comms with the founder and the Filmstro team.

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