Sebastian Jaeger

CEO & Founder

Seb set up Filmstro with the mission of democratising music production for the creative media industry, while properly rewarding composers along the way. Made in Germany but exported to England in 1992, he has been making music move since being given his first Amiga500 in 1989 and is a composer and music producer by trade.

Christopher Young

CTO & Founder

Chris studied artificial intelligence to masters level at the University of Sussex. Not wanting to leave sunny Brighton, he spent 7 years working for American Express writing code, leading teams and architecting (a word?) new business capabilities. He plays the piano poorly, drinks craft beer brilliantly, and is partial to a burrito.

Simon Hargreaves

Non-Executive Director

Simon joined the Company and the Board in 2016. He built a Virtual Network operator business from start up, initially as CFO and later became CEO of the main operating business, with revenues of £250m and a market cap of £500m. He has been self-employed since 2007, acting as Chairman, CEO, COO and CFO for various businesses.

Simon Frame

Non-Executive Director

Simon brings a wealth of Executive Production experience to Filmstro. With over 20 years in the Film and TV business he has built, bought and sold companies with enormous success and totally understands the needs and plans of a creative company operating in the film and music space.

Asha Amster

Non-Executive Director

Asha is a production operations specialist with twenty years' experience in the Broadcast Sector. She has held positions such as Head of Production and Business Director at BDA, UK and EMEA Director of Production at NBCUniversal, and she currently works as a consultant restructuring creative and marketing teams at BBC Worldwide and A+E Networks.


Tim Fletcher

Head of Development

From large data analytics clusters to small embedded devices, Tim has spent the last 20 years tinkering with computers in one form or another. With a background in computer science and artificial intelligence, and being an avid film addict with a strong interest in music, he brings a breadth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm.

Mairead Curren

Software Developer

Mairead (rhymes with parade) has been programming for about seven years, having started with websites, moved on to mobile apps and now works on desktop apps. She (yes she!) studied maths to masters level but then decided to do something easier and so changed to coding. When not at work, Mairead is usually watching some kind of sport or making a bad attempt at keeping active.

Daniel Walz

Software Developer

Twiddling on computers brought Daniel a degree in computer visualisation. He is also an audio engineer and musician with a classical background walking through the genres and he cannot keep his fingers from anything that makes music or sound. Daniel was born and raised in Germany, so he is fluent in German, English and C++.

Steven Quinn


Steve has a background in product design and user experience. He started out as a web designer but moved into web development which he has been doing since 2012. When Steve isn't tweaking logos or playing with javascript, you'll find him writing and producing music in his home studio.

John Elleson-Hartley

Head of Audio

Passionate about music and audio, John loves nothing more than mixing and mastering tracks. As Head of Audio he has the pleasure of overseeing the Filmstro sound and, as an experienced composer, interpreting and crafting the music of our talented composers. Lover of technology and studio toys. When he’s not working hard at playing in the studio he does his best to stay active to counteract his love of food and drink.

Raphaella Boycott

Operations Manager

Raffy brings a wealth of diverse legal, administrative and organisational skills to the Filmstro team, having previously worked as a civil registrar and property manager. She ensures all the background business processes flow effortlessly along to support the creative team.

Marcus Hedges

Community & Partnerships Manager

Marcus is both a Filmstro composer and digital marketeer. He has a strong background in music as well as a love for series, film and videogames, making him a valuable asset to the team. He enjoys the creative process behind marketing strategy and establishing new business relationships. When he’s not writing music, he’s probably at the gym, pretending to be strong.

Zac Ali

Community & Partnerships Manager

Having worked on broadcast documentaries for Travel Channel and Discovery, Zac carries an extensive working knowledge of the production and post-production process in documentary and filmmaking. He also lectured at Skema International Business school in Video Production & Marketing Communication. Currently, he’s out chasing Pokémon.

Ben Hayden

Lead Music Supervisor

Since working as a composer in the industry, Ben has a broad knowledge of all things musical. He has had his work featured on many big trailer and advertising campaigns. As Lead Music Supervisor, Ben is dedicated to acquiring high quality music and making sure that each composition gives the user a myriad of textures, emotions and sounds. Outside of work, Ben will either be doing some form of exercise or practising his cooking skills.