Get unlimited access to customizable royalty-free music for your videos

The world's first Soundtrack creation Web App! More than a royalty-free music library. With Filmstro you can create unique scores to fit the narrative of your videos. Don't settle for stock music - unlock your inner composer with Filmstro. Save 50% with our lifetime deal!

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“Discovering Filmstro was a game changer for making my videos. It gives me complete control to arrange super high quality soundtracks how I want. It’s brilliant.” - Chris A., Independent filmmaker & creator

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Over 200,000 creatives trust Filmstro to boost their production value

The list of music is fantastic and growing. I’m a huge fan of cinematic music, and this is what Filmstro does best. They have been great with support and I am very confident in the team behind Filmstro.

IceHound, AppSumo Review

Video scoring made easy. When they say ‘scoring’ that is exactly what they mean. I feel like I have the composer sitting next to me altering their mix to meet my edits. Truly phenomenal stuff.

Dan Kolansky, AppSumo Review

As a musician I know how long it takes to record a dedicated soundtrack for a film or video. With Filmstro the basic music editing just takes minutes.

info3584, AppSumo Review

Edit royalty-free music and create unique scores without restrictions

It might seem easy to find royalty-free music online, but many sites have restrictive licensing and tracks sound like elevator music that don't fit your narrative. 

And when you use this kind of music, your work suffers. Viewers don't connect with the message and click away fast.

Filmstro helps creatives like you with unlimited access to quality music. All tracks are available for customization and immediate use. Tailor each track to your exact needs in just a few clicks. It really is the best way to get original music for your project!


Royalty-free music that adapts to your story

Filmstro is more than a royalty-free music library. Use our Chrome-optimized Web App to dynamically edit the tracks you choose to fit to the content you are creating.

Unlimited access to a library of memorable tracks

Our library is full with high-quality tracks and gets ever-increasingly supplied with brand new music. That music is yours, not matter what! Use it in as many videos as you want. There are never any per track restrictions.

Lifetime deal!

Forget monthly subscriptions. Pay once and that's it - unlimited access to Filmstro and its exclusive library of customizable royalty-free music. 

Scoring your music is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Just pick a track from our online music library, customise it in our WebApp and export
a high-quality wav file for use in your final edit!


Choose a track


Edit using our
Scoring Sliders


Publish Your
tailored music

World-leading soundtrack editing Web App

You know what's best for your story. Take control of the music by altering the power, momentum and depth sliders, and create a unique score to fit your narrative without leaving your browser.

Unlimited downloads & exports

Create as many unique versions of our music as you want. No monthly limits or download caps!

New music added every week

Unique and memorable tracks, albums and themed collections added every week. And you get access to all of it. No per-track restrictions!

All tracks cleared for use worldwide

Even after your license expires. No copyright strikes, claims or muting. Your creations will be heard forever!

Commercial use - No restrictions!

This lifetime license covers you for ALL commercial use including unlimited online TV, Radio, streaming, VOD & Theatrical release.

Free music requests

As part of this license you can request music that you cannot find in our library. At no additional charge. Just tell us what you need and we'll create it for you!

Edit our music to fit the mood and timeline of your video

Define your soundtrack’s emotional peaks by SEEING your music. With the Filmstro scoring sliders you control the 3 key parameters of every composition and can directly keyframe these attributes in the timeline. Connecting with your audience has never been this simple!
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Try the Filmstro Scoring sliders yourself

Filmstro trusts you to know what’s best for your story. Take control by altering the power, momentum and depth sliders - and get a sense of how your videos could benefit from a bespoke track, matched to the emotional peaks in your content.

Give it a try! Click the play button and move the sliders...

The friendliest commercial licensing in the industry.

Need music for commercial work? Sure thing! Want to use your tracks for monetized YouTube? Go for it. Unlimited social channels? Absolutely. Games and podcasts? No problem. TV & streaming? Of course.Unlike other royalty-free music sites, we make things as easy as possible for you. That means super simple licensing with no strings attached - apart from violins and cellos of course!

Normal pricing - $498 per year

And you need to keep paying to access our tracks and score your projects. 

Your lifetime deal!

And you get unlimited access to ALL Filmstro's music tracks and Web App's features. No ongoing subscription: buy once, use forever.




Get Filmstro for 50% off with a Commercial Lifetime License

Lifetime access to our music library, editing Web App and custom tracks. All with a one-time payment!

BONUS: Triune Digital Music Packs ($179 value)

We’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at Triune Digital - aka FILM RIOT - to bring you their Cinematic Action Scores & Horror Scores 2 royalty-free music packs in Filmstro's adaptive format!

Want to customize royalty-free music and create memorable soundtracks?

With a world-leading editing Web App, exclusive library of royalty-free music and a lifetime deal, Filmstro has everything you need to compose unique soundtracks for your video projects, all without leaving your brower.

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