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Filmstro Apple Final Cut Pro X Announcement Interview

Final Cut Pro X Announcement – Interview with Filmstro’s Product Owner Paul Hazell and Senior Audio Developer Daniel Walz

This month Filmstro meets Apple Final Cut Pro X as we bring our adaptive audio technology and dynamic music library to one of the biggest post-production platforms in the world. That’s right, the Filmstro Final Cut Pro X Plugin is here!

We couldn’t be more excited for this release, and to celebrate we sat down with Product Owner Paul Hazell and Senior Audio Developer Daniel Walz to find out more.

"Filmstro is an unique technology to add music to your videos, allowing you to change the style of the music gradually while the music is playing", Daniel explained. "But Filmstro is also a library with a broad variety of tracks exclusively written for this technology".

He added, "With this brand new plugin, users are able to add and adapt this music directly inside Final Cut Pro X, without leaving their accustomed environment. They can also combine it with all the other possibilities and tools they already have in their video editing software."

That means there’s no need for a separate piece of software and no need to learn a new workflow. Music can be adapted to match specific events in your film, quickly building a custom soundtrack without the need for musical experience.

As Paul explains, bringing Filmstro to Final Cut Pro X was an important next step for the development team. "If you’re editing on any level you want to be using a professional product, and there are two heavy-hitters in that space - Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X." He continues, "Following our hugely successful implementation of Filmstro tech into Premiere Pro this time last year, this new development enables us to reach an even broader audience."

Daniel agrees. "And Filmstro feels like a natural fit for the Apple platform, enabling the creative approach Apple users are known for."

Filmstro Plugin running inside Final Cut Pro X on a Macbook Air

It’s been a lot of work to reach this point. Development started in April 2017, and included feedback from some enthusiastic testers. Now that it’s finished I asked Daniel to explain how the Filmstro plugin works, and what challenges they faced when building it. "The way Final Cut works is to put together clips into the timeline", Daniel says. "While for video clips there is the generators concept, this is not available for audio plugins. So we had to come up with a different approach. Now we have this audio effect replacing an existing clip. That can feel odd at first, that you have to add a clip just to add our music, but this approach enabled us to use all the Final Cut specific workflows instead of replicating them, just like we did with the Filmstro Panel for Adobe’s Premiere Pro".

Paul noted that they had suggested some improvements to the Apple team based on the clip workaround. "Thanks to some very helpful contacts we made in the FCPX development team we could flag this, and hopefully it will be improved, so that adding a clip with Filmstro music is just a simple drag away."

Before I let them go I asked Daniel and Paul what we could expect in the future. Beyond regular updates to the growing family of software they were tight-lipped, but Paul did say that you can look out for some new musical endings functionality for the Filmstro stand-alone app.

The Filmstro plugin is available now for Apple Final Cut Pro X, and you can try out five of our tracks for free. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see what you create.

As ever, for all the latest updates from Filmstro you’re in the right place - the Filmstro Blog.