Filmstro V4 is coming. And it’s a WebApp!

October 29th, 2021  |  by maria

We’re proud to announce that we have been very busy over the last several months re-building Filmstro from the ground up. This means we will give you an entirely new product - the Filmstro WebApp - which will become Version 4 of the product we launched way back in 2016.

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Not just a new version

It’s so much more than a new version release. For the first time since our inception, our audio engine will be based on musical ticks, beats, bars and measures. What’s that you ask and why does that matter? Well, you don’t really need to know, but let’s just say that it’s far superior to the current implementation of our music engine and you will notice the difference in terms of how you can edit the mood of a track.

What else is new?

Browser-based editing

The biggest change will be that this product is available as a WebApp; meaning you can edit your Soundtrack on our website without needing to download any app or music files. It will increase the speed of your custom-music creation and reduce hard-drive storage or compatibility issues. 


Each track will now come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from before you even begin editing. In our Beta release this will be the main mix so that you have a solid foundation to use and edit (instead of starting from scratch each time like you have to do in our current standalone App or Premiere Pro plugin).


When you want to change the mood from one section to another you will be able to do so with really powerful musical transitions which will always sound good. Say goodbye to keyframing nodes on a graph-editor. Say hello to fast and powerful ease, fade, or linear transitions that make arranging your custom-soundtrack super accurate and intuitive!

What’s on the Roadmap?

We are very excited to say a little more about other features that will become available as point upgrades to V4. This product ‘has legs’ as they say, and we’re absolutely thrilled by some of the editing and collaboration tools we will be able to add over time.

Improved editing

The sky’s the limit in terms of the tooling we’re able to add to make our WebApp more powerful and useful to you. We’ll start with individual stem control (so you can switch off individual parts that you may not want). Also, making changes to multiple sections at once will be in one of the first point releases for sure. And for those control freaks amongst you who want granular control over the transitions and mood, we’ll include a live-record feature as well so you can drop in to the timeline and move the sliders yourselves to tweak the curves of each parameter to your heart’s content!


In today’s fast-paced content creation world, what’s editing without feedback? To that end we have already proven out some very cool sharing features which will see you able to invite other users to listen to your tracks, make edits (if they are given the appropriate permission) and leave feedback - right in the session itself!

There’s even more but we are going to keep that under wraps for now. Let’s just say that you won’t have any problems augmenting your soundtrack or making sure it fits standard editing profiles (such as a 30-second cut) in future! 😉

What does this mean for me?

As a result of building V4, we have made some big architectural changes which, in turn, have meant that we’re unable to continue releasing new music into our current App. This is due to all of our effort now going into what will become our Hero product from here on out! Rest assured: new music is still being added each week and it will all be available in the forthcoming release….

If you’re currently using our standalone Desktop App for Mac or Windows or our Adobe Premiere Plugin these will eventually be retired. However, we’re confident that our new browser-based platform will be a much more efficient way to edit music and we'll share resources on how to integrate with different editing workflows later down the line.

If you are a current customer then you are going to be eligible for a free upgrade to use our WebApp. You will remain on your current license and will still receive all new music and updates to this product.

As a current customer, you will also be the first to be invited to a private BETA group. Simply register your interest below and we’ll contact you soon to invite you to try it out!

If you are not a customer currently you can still apply to try the BETA. You need to sign up for a free account before you do so and we’ll reach out to you as well!


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