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BAFTA Short Film Contest Guide



Do you love filmmaking? Get involved in the first ever BAFTA/Filmstro short film contest some amazing filmmaking prizes! We’ve got over $40,000 worth of prizes to give away!

Who can enter?

Literally ANYONE can enter this short film competition as long as you’re 18 years old or more. The contest is open internationally to everyone from all corners of the universe. We do require all entrants to be 18 and above

How to enter?
In short, you need to make a short that’s shorter than 5 minutes and use Filmstro to score it - We like to keep things short.

Create a short film about ANYTHING you want. It can be fiction or non-fiction and any genre (including documentary).You must use Filmstro music in your short film. We’re giving ALL of our entrants 100% free 60 day access to the entire Filmstro music catalogue. You can get access to Filmstro by clicking on the ‘Access Filmstro’ button on our bafta short film contest page.

As part of the free Filmstro access you’ll be able to access Filmstro Pro, Filmstro Premiere Panel and Filmstro for FCPX so you can choose how you integrate Filmstro into YOUR workflow. Once your short film is complete you must upload it to either Facebook or Youtube using the correct titles and descriptions (as described below). Please make sure that ALL of the tags are active in your posts and remember to set your post to Public or you will NOT be entered into the competition.

Uploading to Facebook? Use the text below in your post.

 [ NAME OF FILM ] - @Filmstro + @BAFTA Short Film Competition

Music composed in Filmstro -

@greyscalegorilla @rodemic @actionvfx @schoolofmotion @FilmConvert @SmallHD @samyanglensglobal @AntonBauerOfficial @MisterHorseTv @hitfilm @lacieworldwide @adobecreativecloud @ZacutoUSA @frameioapp @skybeamdigital @BlackmagicDesignOfficial @manfrottoimaginemore @JobyInc

#FILMSTROBAFTACOMPETITION #competition #filmmaking

banta fb post
Uploading to Youtube?
Add the following to your Youtube titles and description when uploading:

[NAME OF FILM] - Filmstro + BAFTA Short Film Competition


Music composed in Filmstro.

Greyscale Gorilla -

Rode Microphones -

ActionVFX -

School of Motion -

FilmConvert -

SmallHD -

Samyang Optics -

Anton Bauer -

MisterHorse -

Hitfilm -

Syrp -

Blackmagic Design - -

Skybeam Digital -

Zacuto -

Lacie -

Manfrotto -

Joby -


Once you’ve uploaded your film to either Facebook or Youtube, you must now submit the URL and other information to us via our film submission form.

After submitting to Filmstro just kick back and wait until the 12th of September for all of the winners to be announced at BAFTA Guru Live.


When is the submission closing date?

Entries to this competition will close on 20th August at midnight BST.

Winners will be announced at BAFTA Guru Live on the 12th of September. Are you ready to get stuck in and win some amazing filmmaking prizes? Get started by signing up to your free Filmstro account.

You can also join the Filmstro Facebook Group where our community of Filmstro users share advice, tips and creations!

Good luck to you all.