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The Filmstro Web App gives you the power to edit music like you already edit video.

We made Filmstro for you filmmakers and content creators, so you don't need any musical experience. Adapting music to your edit is now as easy as drawing the keyframes. You decide where the climax is or when the music takes a back-seat. With our three scoring sliders you can dial in the right mood at the right time. Built for creatives to be intuitive and visual, you can now create custom soundtracks in minutes!

Editing royalty free music in the Filmstro app timeline

Find out why Filmstro is the next must-have addition to your post-production toolkit!

Check out this Demo to see the power of Filmstro in action. Using an awesome Star Wars fan film as an edit, Filmstro is used to make real-time changes to a cinematic underscore to perfectly match the music to the visuals. Saving a ton of time and money! 

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Ready to take control of your Soundtrack?

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