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Use the Momentum, Depth & Power scoring sliders to create unique moving soundtracks in minutes. Don't settle for stock music - unlock your inner composer with Filmstro!

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“Discovering Filmstro was a game changer for making my videos. It gives me complete control to arrange super high quality soundtracks how I want. It’s brilliant.” - Chris A., Independent filmmaker & creator

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Over 200,000 creatives trust Filmstro to boost their production value

The list of music is fantastic and growing. I’m a huge fan of cinematic music, and this is what Filmstro does best. They have been great with support and I am very confident in the team behind Filmstro.

IceHound, AppSumo Review

Video scoring made easy. When they say ‘scoring’ that is exactly what they mean. I feel like I have the composer sitting next to me altering their mix to meet my edits. Truly phenomenal stuff.

Dan Kolansky, AppSumo Review

As a musician I know how long it takes to record a dedicated soundtrack for a film or video. With Filmstro the basic music editing just takes minutes.

info3584, AppSumo Review

Scoring your music is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Just pick a track from our online music library, customise it in our App for Mac or Pc and export
a high-quality wav file for use in your final edit!


Choose a track


Edit using our
Scoring Sliders


Publish Your
tailored music

Try the Filmstro Scoring sliders yourself

Filmstro trusts you to know what’s best for your story. Take control by altering the power, momentum and depth sliders - and get a sense of how your videos could benefit from a bespoke track, matched to the emotional peaks in your content.

Give it a try! Click the play button and move the sliders...

Studies show that the right music helps influence emotional engagement, and purchase behaviour with brands.

Top brands use real composers. With Filmstro, you don’t have to. Filmstro is more than a royalty free music library. Use our App for Mac & PC to dynamically edit the tracks you choose to fit the content you are creating.

When music and video content match up in their dynamics, the result is a far more powerful, and engaging experience for your audience – increasing emotional engagement and brand loyalty.

Use three sliders for momentum, depth, and power to easily score the music to your content – no musical knowledge required!

Edit music to picture the easy way

Define your soundtrack’s emotional peaks by SEEING your music. With the Filmstro scoring sliders you control the 3 key parameters of every composition and can directly keyframe these attributes in the timeline. Connecting with your audience has never been this simple!
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Raise Production Value & Charge Clients More

Using Filmstro is like hiring a real composer... just without the lengthy turnaround times and huge fees!

Feel good about delivering more value to clients and charging more for beautiful sounding custom tracks, which take just minutes to create.


Create a lasting impression

Don’t leave your clients’ reactions up to chance. Take control of your soundtrack and create an emotional connection that keeps your audiences coming back time after time.

Anyone can download stock music. Only Filmstro makes the music work for your video.


Unlimited Versions, Infinite Possibilities

Because creating new versions is so fast in Filmstro, you can quickly find out the tracks that work best for your content. Need a short upfront trailer cue? Done. Need a longer soundtrack that has the same instrumental palette and feel? Easy.

Sounding like you hired a group of pro-musicians has never been easier!

Spielberg doesn’t edit his video to the music

So why should you when you don’t have to?

Use sliders and easy keyframing to make the music fit your video content.

With a Filmstro track you have elegant creative control rather than crudely editing a standard library track.

You decide how the music should augment your picture. Not the other way around!

We designed Filmstro to help you tell your story your way

New music added every week; the option of requesting bespoke tracks; world-leading editing software to tailor our music to your video; and the easiest licensing in the industry. Royalty free music never sounded so good...

Unlimited royalty-free music

Simple pricing and full access to the entire library with no per-track restrictions.

Easy customisation in the Filmstro app

Create a unique score to fit your narrative, not the other way around.

New music added every week

Tracks, albums and themed collections added directly into the app.

Commission custom tracks for free

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We create music that you need within 30 days. For free!

All tracks cleared for use worldwide

Even after your license expires - anything else isn't cool, in our books!

No copyright strikes, claims or muting

Your creations will be heard forever. Get your Filmstro Subscription today!

Fast, in-house customer support

Whatever queries you may have, we have in-house knowledge to help within 24 hours.

30-day money-back guarantee

We’re so sure you’re going to be satisfied with Filmstro, that we offer a moneyback guarentee.

Can't find what you're looking for? Send requests to
our awesome composers!

Can't  find what you are looking for in our library? No problem. Just contact us to request a track and
we'll make it for you. At no extra cost!

We will brief our composes every month with a list of requests from our community and then
release those tracks the following month - meaning that, over time, Filmstro becomes exactly the
library that you want!

The friendliest licensing in the industry.

Want to use your track for YouTube? Go for it. A feature-length film? Absolutely. Wedding videos? No problem. Unlike other royalty-free music sites, we make things as easy as possible for you. That means super simple licensing with no strings attached - apart from violins and cellos of course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this deal unlock all of the music?
Yes. For a limited time only this deal is for everything that is, and ever will be, in our library. We will also give you free access to any new products, like being able to customise the music on the website in future so you can work in the cloud!
Is ths license really for life?
Yes. This one-time purchase will give you access for ever.
How do I customize the music?
Right now you will need to download our desktop application for Mac or PC to customise our music. In future we will release a browser-based version of our software too!
What if I don't want to customize a track?
You don't have to! You can easily download pre-made versions of the tracks that are available in the library and cut them up as you would normally do. We think that once you try the Filmstro scoring sliders, you'll never want to go back to the old way though!
Is there anything I cannot do with Filmstro music?

Just 2 things:

  1. You cannot upload our music as your music onto streaming platforms like Spotify and claim streaming income.
  2. You may not register any Filmstro music with an aggregator or content ID system.

The copyright remains with Filmstro and your license allows use of the music in connection (synchronised) to a project of some kind. If you want to upload your short film soundtrack - which includes Filmstro music - you can do so, but you can’t claim it as being an original soundtrack belonging to you and you would need to cite Filmstro.

Is there also a subscription to unlock more content?
No. For a limited time only we are granting life-time access to all of our music including all future updates without a 'top-up' subscription.

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