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You can set your own price for Filmstro's music solution for your sub-account locations. The profit margin you can achieve with Filmstro is between 64% and 86%. Check out the FAQ below for more information including recommended pricing ranges.

Filmstro is available directly from your GHL Dashboard. Simply browse the music library for a track you like, then download the static mix or customise it in the Web App to create a custom score for your project.

Register your YouTube channel and/or your clients' videos with us and never receive a copyright claim. All music is 100% safe. ✓

We would be delighted to also welcome you to our affiliate program. Our commission is 50% on annual subscriptions and includes all recurring payments!

Frequently asked questions

You can make between 64% and 86% profit depending on which plan you opted for. For example:


Cost to you per sub-account: $9.99
Re-sale price range: $37.99 - $74.99
Profit: 73% - 86%

PRO plan

Cost to you per sub-account: $8.99
Re-sale price range: $24.99 - $37.99
Profit: 64% - 76%

Please note: We recommend not exceeding the publicly available pricing for Filmstro for your sub-accounts due to a few touch-points with our brand that your sub-accounts will come across. 

This ensures that your sub-accounts don't switch to using Filmstro outside of the GHL ecosystem. 

There are some Filmstro touch points that your sub-account clients will come across which is why we're sharing the recommended upsell pricing ranges below. These ranges are in line with our publicly available pricing tiers for clients similar to your sub accounts.

Setting your re-sale price at the lower end of the range ensures your sub-account clients are receiving a great deal. We recommend not exceeding the top of the range as this will ensure that your sub-accounts don't switch to using Filmstro outside of the GHL ecosystem. 

PRO PLUS sub account plan: $37.99 - $74.99

PRO sub account plan: $24.99 - $37.99


If you chose the 'packaged' plan on GHL then the cost to each sub-account location is zero and you can bundle Filmstro's music solution into your whitelabel CRM offering to each location. 


Yes, absolutely! 

We designed Filmstro specifically for visual creatives like you and there is absolutely no musical experience necessary. 

Once you understand the 3 main parameters of 'Momentum', 'Depth' and 'Power' you'll become a composer yourself and will be crafting powerful custom scores for your video projects in no time! 

During the onboarding process you are invited to register your YouTube channel with us. We then whitelist your channel with YouTube's Content ID system which means that copyrighted material (including our music) is identified and claims are automatically released. 

If you're helping your clients produce video content that's uploaded to their YouTube channel, then you can also register Video IDs for an unlimited number of your clients' videos. You can also pre-clear upcoming live streams.  

Please note: we highly recommend initially uploading every new video as 'unlisted'. That way the content ID system can identify and then release any claim. This usually only takes a few minutes. You can then set your video to 'public' in the knowledge that you'll receive all of the monitization and eveyrhing is 100% safe. ✓

You needn't worry about your sub-accounts. They will receive their own separate onboarding to help them register their YouTube channel to automatically release all copyright claims if they're using YouTube. ✓

As they may have their own clients, they can of course also register their clients Video IDs to benefit from the same service you enjoy. 

We pay out 50% on all annual subscriptions and 20% on all monthly subscriptions. This includes all recurring payments at the same commission rate! 

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