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Hey Nice to see you! 👋

It's great to be collaborating with you and I genuinely look forward to this affiliation supporting you so you can continue making amazing content for your community. Whether you're a seasoned Pro with a large community already merely looking for an additional revenue stream, or whether you're an aspiring YouTuber building your audience and looking for that last chunk of income to enable you to focus full-time on your passion, I welcome you. Here's to doing great things together!

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Your referral links are below. Simply copy and paste the link you need into your YouTube video description, blog, website or other social channel(s) and any visitors through that link are assigned to you.

Please add your paypal details to the form below so we can pay you. Our affiliate system requires a valid paypal email, so if you don't have a paypal account, just create one for free by following the link below:

Here's your sharing link for use on websites and social media (excl. YouTube)

Please submit your PayPal email

Simply add your PayPal email address to the form below and we'll add it to our system ready for your first payout!

Track your sales

Visit your affiliate dashboard to access detailed sales and payout reports

Download creative assets

We've prepared a zip file of our main logo pngs and some other assets you can use across your channels. Please refer to the included PDF for how to use the iframe music widget.

Frequently asked questions

You already have it! We set you up with a pass for a month as soon as you joined.

Another month will be added automatically as soon as at least 1 person subscribes via your referral link.

Don't worry. Even if your pass expires, all of the music you've used is still cleared for the videos you've used our music on.

And you can even continue using Filmstro (the ready-made tracks are free to download from the Browse page) so you can continue to be an affiliate.

Then, as soon as the next person subscribers to Filmstro via your referral link, your license will renew for a further month; giving you access to the full library - including Premium tracks - and the Web App, so you can make your own custom soundtracks!

We are part of YouTube's Content ID system which means that copyrighted material (including our music) is identified and claims are issued.

But don't worry: All claims are automatically released because your affiliate referral link contains some additional characters that act as a special 'keyword license'. All you need to do is copy and paste your entire referral link into your videos' description and then any claim is automatically released. 

So, you keep 100% of the monetization! 

Please note that it's a good idea to first upload any new video as 'unlisted' - so that the system can identify and then release the claim - before setting your video to 'public'. That way you don't miss out on any montization and the YouTube Gods are happy! 🤓

Your referral link for YouTube is more than just a simple url. 

It contains additional characters that together make your referral url a special type of 'keyword license'. 

This is connected to YouTube's content ID system and automatically releases any copyright claims on your videos!
So: please make sure to copy and paste the entire sharing link into your video descriptions!

We pay out 50% for any referral who purchases an Annual plan or a Lifetime plan.

We pay out 20% for any referral who purchases a Monthly plan. 

You can see the pricing for these products here

You will receive the same amount for each subsequent transaction if the person you referred purchased a MONTHLY subscription.

For example, if you received 20% of a PRO monthly, then each month thereafter you will also receive 20% of each recurring PRO monthly payment made. 

We pay out at the end of each month and include any commissions earned the previous month. This is due to the terms and conditions for refunds which include a 14 day cooling off period for some of our licenses (as governed by UK consumer rights law).

So, for example, if you see a commission earned in month 1 in your Filmstro Affiliate Dashboard, you will receive that money at the end of month 2. 

We pay out exclusively via PayPal. So, just enter your PayPal account details in the form above on this page and you're good to go. If you do not already have a PayPal account, please set one up. It's free! 

There is a dedicated report area in your Affiliate Dashboard where you can see a detailed breakdown of the purchases that have been associated with your affiliate account. 

Any visitors coming through your referral link are given a cookie. This means that, even if those visitors purchase via an organic search, or click on an ad or come to Filmstro from a different source, as long as they clicked your referral link, the transaction will be tracked to you! 

We use a 120-day cookie term, so that's plenty of time to attribute any sales to you - including if that happens through our email re-marketing campaigns! 

If you decide to offer your audience a 20% discount, then this affects the overall amount of money received by us. 

However, we still give you the same percentage proportionately. It's just that the payout amount will be smaller by 20% due to the coupon you've provided your audience.

Sure.  If the automatically generated coupon that's available from your affiliate dashboard isn't quite cutting it for you and needs to be more on-brand, then just reach out to us and we'll create a unique coupon for you! 

Any other questions?

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